Trail of murder – Shades of art cd

Trail of murder – Shades of art
Having never heard of Trail of Murder before I dug a little deeper as the first track kicked in.
It seems I knew more about the band than I first realized, as all the members at one time or another have all been in Bloodbound, the Swedish Power Metal band. So we are now looking at a Melodic/Power metal genre crossing new group with an outstanding pedigree.
Track 1, is the title track ‘Shades of Art’ and what a track it is, we get some glorious hooks, crushing rhythms, and great backing vocals, a great opening track.
Next up, and It doesn’t get any better than this outstanding track, “Carnivore”, with some stunning riffs from the twin guitar attack of Daniel Olsson and Hasse Eismar. surely the highlight of this opus, or is it ?,
Urban Breed reminds you of his vocal credentials on “I Know Shadows” so be prepared to be totally blown away.
‘Higher’ has an amazing guitar solo, that drains you with its intensity, a proper full on horns in the air head banging tune. “Higher” is a truly inspired piece of songwriting, and is now battling away for equal top spot in this review.
‘Nightmares I stole’ gives the bassist Johan Bergquist a chance to show us what he is made off, brilliant fret work, couple this with some outstanding riffage, and you have yourself another hit.
All the tracks on this stunning debut record are all class, and it is very very difficult for me to choose my favourite, so I wont, as every time you listen to this, you will change your mind, yes it is that good.
There’s 12 songs on this cd, with each managing to too sound surprisingly fresh, strong, Melodic, each track is powerfully played and sung with a conviction that makes your speakers beg for mercy.
I am not going to compartmentalize this, let’s just say it is one of the best Heavy Metal albums of the year. 9/10

Trail of murder are:

Urban Breed – Vocals
Daniel Olsson – Guitar
Hasse Eismar – Guitar
Johan Bergquist – Bass
Pelle Akerlind – Drums

Track listing:

1. Shades of art
2. Carnivore
3. Lady don’t answer
4. Mab
5. I know shadows
6. Your silence
7. Higher
8. The song you never sang
9. Nightmares I stole
10. Children of darkest night
11. Some stand alone
12. My heart still cries
Out now on metal heaven

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