W:O:A Warm Up Parties Three further dates announced, Wanted: Wacken stories + W:O:A beach chairs!

W:O:A beach chairs by Stiftung Mensch

Wacken beach chairsThe Stiftung Mensch (human foundation) offers some cool roofed wicker beach chairs with W:O:A branding by now – and the income will be used for charity!

The beach chairs are produced in two different sizes and offer you the absolutely full range of extras. They come with features like two footstools and folding tables or handles made of stainless steel and the footstools have a real special feature: Using a smart mechanism, they can be lifted up to the level of the seats to create a lying surface!

The version W:O:A Bullhead is a classic two seater and the smaller one. W:O:A True Metal is a huge two and a half seater with a width of 150cm!

All beach chairs will be especially produced after your order. Check out this video to see how it’s done:

The Bullhead version is available for 2600€, True Metal costs 3000€ (both plus shipping costs). In addition, you can buy a slip cover for 189€. Because of the size and the weight, the delivery has to be done by an express company. The costs will be calculated individual for each address.

The sale is completely handled by the Stiftung Mensch which also gets the whole purchase price. 10% of the net price will be donated for the Wacken Foundation.

If you are interested in a beach chair like this, please fill out THIS FORM. The Stiftung Mensch will contact you afterwards with a sell offer which includes the calculated shipping costs.

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Wanted: W:O:A stories!

We are going to produce a film about our anniversary and need your help! We are looking for the most interesting, breathtaking, lovely, heartwarming and original stories concerning your WOA-experience. Wacken 2014 stories

Did you fall in love and meet your future partner at Wacken? Did you meet some guys and create a band? Did you meet an artist you admired and have an interesting anecdote to go with it? We are looking for the oldest and youngest fans, the most faithfull fans, the most exotic fans(the most remote parts of the world) and the craziest, longest, exotic fan groups. If you think your story is worth a feature on the 25th anniversary DVD, send an Email, if possible with fotos or videos to dvd@wacken.com.

If you have any old posters, T-Shirts, Tickets etc. please send us scans or pictures of those too. Looking forward to your stories!!!

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W:O:A Warm Up Parties

WACKEN have announced three further Warm Up Parties dates. The legendary W:O:A Warm Up Parties contain everything a metal heart desires. Only here you can rock amongst exclusive W:O:A decoration and prepare yourself for the journey to Wacken Open Air.

Date: March 14th, 2014
City: Bückeburg
Wacken Warm up PartiesVenue: Schraub-Bar
Website: www.schraub-bar.de

Date: July 4th, 2014
City: Gent
Venue: Muziekcentrum Kinky Star
Website: www.kinkystar.com

Date: July 25th 2014
City: Bremen
Venue: Meisenfrei
Website: www.meisenfrei.de

All info and dates can be found at the Warm Up Parties area.

Wacken Radio relaunch with RauteMusik!

wacken_radioOur good old Wacken Radio did a great job for several years but now it is time for a new decade!

In cooperation with Europe’s biggest internet radio RauteMusik we start a new version with a modern look and new content. Get ready for some cool metal!

The station is available at www.wackenradio.com – and you can listen to the radio from all over the world for free!

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