Witch Cross – Axe to the grind



Witch Cross is a Danish classic heavy metal band. Formed in 1979, their sound is sometimes like early Heavy Load. It’s good old school heavy metal. One highlight on “Axe To The Grind” is their new singer Kevin Moore. He is maybe the biggest factor that they sound like Heavy Load.

After a short intro called “March of the Vikings”, my favorite song of the album “Demon in the Mirror” starts. It has a great sound and the singing is great. “Ride with the Wind” is a speed metal song with many classic heavy metal influences. Metal Nation is a song which would be great in the live environment. It’s a fun song excites from the first second and I think that will be also a stage success. “Awakening Pandora’s Box”  is also song with speed metal elements but with slower passages.

The remaining songs are all very similar to the first few but with a little variety, particularly on the vocal.

All in all, Axe To The Grind” is a great album for old school heavy metal fans.


witch cross - band 2013


1. March Of The Vikings
2. Demon In The Mirror
3. Ride With The Wind
4. Metal Nation
5. Awakening-Pandoras Box
6. Axe To Grind
7. Bird Of Prey
8. Lost Without Warning
9. Parl Of The Machine
10. Chelsea 100
11. Beyond The Veil



Mike Koch

Kevin Moore

Lars Bjørnstad

Jan “Little John”

Paul Martin






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