Exciting rock ‘n’ rollers WINTERBURN surge onwards with a blistering new video for the track, Sinner’s Swing . The killer cut is taken from WINTERBURN’s much revered debut album, Ivory Towers, out now.

WINTERBURN is an electrifying project fronted by charismatic lead guitarist and vocalist Naser Mestarihi. WINTERBURN commenced initial work on their debut album, Ivory Towers, in 2019, however both illness and line-up changes froze early progress. Naser explains: “I fell ill with MS as we were getting into the sessions, which led to me having to relearn how to play the guitar. Getting this record done was battling through the odds for me.” Mestarihi is a multi-instrumentalist who plays all instruments on WINTERBURN’s record with the exception of drums which were recorded by Grammy-award winning drummer Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies). The album has been vastly touted by the media, with rampant backing from Metal Hammer, Classic Rock Magazine, Powerplay and ERB Magazine.

WINTERBURN take in a plethora of inspiration from the Riff o’ Rama groove of Guns N Roses, ACDC, and Motley Crue, and in the refining of these influences, the rockers add their own distinctive take on the hard rock genre.

The fast-rising riff-slingers are now poised to release an immensely enthralling video, Sinner’s Swing. Naser remarks about the track and video: “Lyrically ‘Sinner’s Swing’ is basically a song that details the dark side of getting pulled into the decadence and debauchery in Tinseltown. We wanted a slick video to showcase the band’s new lineup. It was filmed in two secret underground (literally) locations and was pretty tough considering it was about 45° Celsius. The end result looks awesome though!” With a live band and stable line-up now in place, and dates set to be announced for the Summer, WINTERBURN are braced to be your favourite new band.


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