Wildfire Festival (Les-Fest) launch a Kickstarter Campaign!

With a new name and new location, the Les-Fest organisers have launched a kickstarter campaign. Keen to push the newly branded Wildfire Festival, the campaign is primarily aimed at investing in infrastructure, main bands and advertising projects. Launched only 2 days ago it has already superseded it’s initial target.

Wildfire LogoWildfire organiser Dave Ritchie stated “I set an achievable target initially to help fund next years event in terms of better staging, sound and lights. But I am much more ambitious than that. With extra support I can add far better facilities for the fans, covered and chill out areas, seating, and a kids zone” With an overall aim to raise up to £10,000 pounds, it is crucial to get the word out to as many rock and metal fans as possible.”

Dave continues “Every single pound will go into the event so every one counts, if I can raise enough we can put that into really strong headline acts, which in turn increases the attendance, which then boosts the audience for the new and upcoming bands and that is still very much what we are about. If every person out there that supports live music gives just £1.00 it would make a massive difference”

With 3 years under their belt, there is no danger of the event not going ahead, but the extra funding can make this one of THE best rock and metal events in the north.

There is lots of options including – Get a personal thank you, photo and car bumper sticker, souvenir Laminate Pass, T-Shirt CD bundle, Early Bird weekend camp & park ticket,  a (Wiston) Womble plush toy, breakfast with the organisers and weekend camp and park ticket, with weekend access to the new VIP bar!

Check out the full range and Pledges, no matter how small, can be made via the link below.






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