Wildfire Festival announces final line-up.

With just over 3 weeks to go, things are really heating up over at Scotland’s Wildfire Festival. Not content with the formidable line-up already in place, it’s now getting seriously heavy with the addition of 18 new tectonic-shifting acts to this years event.


Festival director Dave Ritchie beamed, “We have always been about new music and local emerging talent, and for those that often think we don’t do heavy, the latest additions should change that perception.”

We teamed up with the relatively new Horrorfly Promotions who have their finger on the pulse of this scene and we are delighted with the results.”

Glasgow’s metal contingent will be out in force, with no less than 10 bands from the area. Upping the ante when it comes to brain-frying riffs and tortured screams! Relative newcomers, Acid Trial’s head-spinning brew of Sabbath-inspired sludge grooves will undoubtedly cause a neck-wrecking experience, while Circle of Tyrants, established thrash metal sound will take no prisoners, expect no mercy.  Blood Thread will massacre Wildfire’s masses just a few days after supporting the mighty Cattle Decapitation.

Burning The Dream (recent winners of Glasgow’s M2TM) and their manic prog metal  will abruptly awaken the most hungover of heads with their juddering rhythms and Meshuggah-esque tech mauling and grindcore nutters Co-Exist will remove teeth when their quick-fire bursts of animalistic noise, attacks the ascending throng! In contrast, Corrupt The System‘s brand of melodic yet heavy riffing will bring relative calm to proceedings while whipping up a storm of their own. God Damn Brewery can be relied upon to bring the beers and the drunken leers when they unleash their unpredictable brand of metal chaos. Of One Blood provide Wildfire’s metalcore fix and Kingpin‘s crossover thrash/hardcore mosh-up should cause a whirlwind of carnage. Last but not least, Let’s Play God‘s cowboy horror-show combines raucous rock ‘n’ roll with a healthy dose of thigh-slappin’ heavy metal!

Colossal riff-machines Dog Tired are no strangers to Wildfire and they’ll be welcomed back with arms wide open. As will the equally hard-hitting Internal Conflict whose hardcore-laced thrash has been tearing up the UK….and now it’s Wildfire’s turn to feel the full force of their assault!  

Lifer know their way around a crushing riff and their sludge metal leanings will provide plenty of Down/Crowbar-esque power while Edinburgh’s Lucifer’s Corpus follow a similar path, indescribably heavy being the only setting they know!

Pelugion are causing quite a stir with their throwback to the riff-nirvana of classic 70’s heavy metal. Catch these ‘next big things’ early and achieve massive bragging rights in the process! Sworn Amongst are seasoned veterans in comparison, reaping havoc up and down the UK for over a decade now and their angular rhythms, pummelling breakdowns and thrashy excess should prove a monstrously heavy highlight of the weekend. Continuing with the heavy theme are Triverse Massacre, whose hellish grind/death/thrash concoction will annihilate all those brave enough to step into their firing line.Finally, West Lothian’s Warhead take things nuclear when their punk-metal hybrid detonates the normally peaceful surroundings of Wildfire’s Wiston Lodge!

With weeked tickets now down to the last hundred or so, we urge everyone to move fast for what will be a sold out weekend”


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