Wildfire Festival announce partnership with RACPA UK (Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK)

RACPA UK Garf_crWildifire Festival, Scotland’s rock and metal festival has today announced its support to charitable organisation RACPA UK on an ongoing basis. Founded in 2006 in response to the lack of support and understanding being offered to the victims of childhood sexual abuse, RACPA UK began as an awareness campaign to bring the issues into the public arena and break the silence surrounding the whole issue.

Festival Director Dave Ritchie, says “Since we started the event in 2012 (as Les-Fest) we have always made a point of supporting a chosen charity. Having previously supported national and household charities, we felt the time was right to offer support at grassroots level. RACPA do sterling work throughout the UK and can often be seen at music festivals dealing with, sadly, far to common issues. I hope that our support, which starts today and not just for the duration of the event is long lasting, as I know it can make a huge difference to peoples lives”

Dave signing RACPA Van_crRACPA UK offers a safe, informal and absolutely confidential haven for victims and survivors of childhood abuse. The volunteers offer comfort, understanding, support and therapy in a way that is best suited to the victims and available for as long as is needed. They also work with the families of victims to help them deal with their own feelings and by offering them support.

As well as working in the cyber world and on social media platforms, RACPA UK attend musical events, county fairs and markets with their mobile information units where they work directly with members of the public providing information and support. This also provides safe first contact for victims needing counselling and therapy, both of which is offered from professionally trained volunteers.

Carmen Mayes, founder of RACPA UK comments. “This has always been and will always remain a 100% voluntary organisation. We are funded by our own line of merchandise and mascots, The L’arpies, and by donations without which we simply would not be able to carry on. We would like to thank Wildfire Festival for the support”

Together…we will make a difference for the children of today and tomorrow…and never allow yesterday’s children to be forgotten.


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