The White Swan – The White

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On 24 June 2017
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Three tracks of immense doom/sludge/stoner goodness




Following on from their debut E.P. ‘Anubis’, The White Swan have released ‘The White’, another E.P. format release and well worth checking out

Brimming with dark doom and stoner riffs, this three track really packs a powerful punch and wades in at an impressive 18 or there about minutes as well. Opening with ‘North Carolina’, the mood is immediately set, and it isn’t a jolly one. Crushing oppressive riffs drown out the light and blacken the mood, as soul searing guitar screeches fill the void with a raw and untamed cacophony that negates the need for any vocals. ’Lions’ however does bring in a vocal to bounce and play against another blistering dark riff, and a great addition it is as well, adding as it does a totally new dimension to the overall sound. That theme continues through into the final track ’The White’, which is nothing short of spellbinding. If the time comes for a full length album in the future then this surely must be included, seven minutes plus of just amazing sludge/doom/stoner or however you want to brand it, that just radiates raw passion and feeling to a degree that is becoming increasingly rare


Usually confined to the drum stool in Kittie, Mercedes Lander now branches out to add vocals, guitar and keyboards to her repertoire. Accompanied by Shane Jeffers on guitar and Kira Longeuay on bass, the band have succeeded in creating a heady mix of vintage 70’s tinged doom and 90’s grunge that when brought together creates a refreshingly different take on the stoner scene

Head over to the bands band camp page and take the plunge, you wont be disappointed

Recommended track – ’The White’



Three tracks of immense doom/sludge/stoner goodness

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