Whiskey six – American grit

Whiskey six - American gritAmerican band Whiskey six was formed in 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.  They’ve performed with artists including Steel Panther, Para roach, Jackyl and more and have played a number of festivals in Texas, California and Arizona.  This is their first full length release.

After listening to the album I have to say this is a great release.  It’s got hints of Texas Hippie Coalition, Black label Society, Nickelback and more.  What you have then is some great rock and roll with some Southern rock influence, nice heavy guitar riffs and great songs.

The album kicks off with a couple of great rock songs – “Watch it all burn” and “Double barrell man”

There are a couple of ballads on the album, and it’s here that the Nickelback influence is strongest.  Both the ballads (“One last time” and “Heartache” are good, but of the two, “Heartache” is definitely the stronger song.

“Anything but sober” is another great song -almost an anti-ballad with the lyrics being about only the singer being able to put up with his girlfriend when he’s drunk.

A great album thats’s well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. Watch it all burn
2. Double barrel man
3. One last time
4. Long necks (and open legs)
5. Ruin
6. Anything but sober
7. Your disease
8. Home
9. Heartache
10. As one
11. Omission
12. Heard it on the X

Whiskey Six are:

Vocal/Guitars – Chris Strickler
Bass – Paul Anthony
Guitars – Dave Lansing
Drums – Mike Hill

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