WELLS VALLEY “Star Over A Wheel” Video Released

Wells Valley
Wells Valley

Portuguese post-metal/doom/sludge trio WELLS VALLEY has premiered their first videoclip Star Over A Wheel last Saturday (November 1st). The track comes off the band’s debut album, Matter As Regent, set to be released in the following months.

Star Over A Wheel video was directed by WELLS VALLEY along with friends André Godinho and StopWorking&GoOutside and it ranks as a perfect display of the band’s music. “It is sober, gloomy and simple, just like the sound we create. It has also many sludge, doom, psychedelic and death elements”, states drummer Pedro Mau. Previously, the band reported that Matter As Regent figures as a “very atmospheric and diverse” record in a way they believe to have conceived “a style that doesn’t fit in any specific genre”.

Matter As Regent is comprised of six tracks produced by WELLS VALLEY at Centro de Artes e Cultura in Ponte de Sor, Portugal, since the end of 2013. The artwork gets credits from drummer Pedro Mau with the front cover by US visual artist Joseph Shaeffer.

WELLS VALLEY took form in late 2011 by Portuguese underground luminaries Filipe Correia [CONCEALMENT] on vocals and guitars, Pedro Lopes on bass and Pedro Mau [KNEEL, ex-KNEELDOWN] on drums. The band has since kept working under a pretty recondite and secret way, managing the perfect balance and energy to create a debut album that will shake the foundations of contemporary heavy music. WELLS VALLEY sound progressed from dark psychedelic ambiences to monolithic heavy riffing and their music and lyrics tend to invoke the union of matter with transcendence, focusing on the genesis of the universe.


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