We Are Harlot, Cathouse Glasgow, 16/6/15

Fresh from their Best New Band win at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, We Are Harlot played a sold out gig at Glasgow’s Cathouse rock club on Tuesday night. There has been a huge buzz around this band, so I was more than keen to see what all the fuss was about.

September Mourning

The support act on this tour is September Mourning, a fantasy project based around lead singer September, who aims to capture your soul. They certainly spend a lot of time and effort on their production values, with elaborate costumes and characters. They were actually pretty good, but the rather long winded explanation of what they were all about fell flat as the audience clearly didn’t care and just wanted the main event to get started. As they worked through their set the audience seemed to get more into it, but the first few songs finished to quite deafening silence as the crowd tried to work out what they were seeing. I think it was a case of the band being so completely different to the band they were supporting that the audience were largely uninterested and incompatible with what the band were trying to do.

In stark contrast We are Harlot took the stage to massive screams from their largely young, female audience, who kept up the screaming throughout the gig. The band were loving the attention, passing picks into the front rows, fist bumping fans and chatting to them between songs. Singer Danny Worsnop also accepted a Saltire flag which joined the scarves wrapped around his microphone stand.

We Are Harlot

Maybe the most well known track from the album is The One, which had the whole place bouncing. Each song from their eponymous debut album inspired lots of singing along, but also showed off just how good Worsnop’s voice is. It’s rocky, bluesy and funky all at the same time and this band allows him to show that off far more than his previous band Asking Alexandria. A cover of Queen’s Tie Your Mother Down was energetic and fun and the band seemed to be really getting into the swing of the gig. I had a laugh then when Danny announced that rather than leave the stage and return for an encore they were just going to stay on and play it because the layout of the Cathouse means there is no backstage area. I honestly thought he was joking as the stage times were posted as 8.30 to 10pm. I was amazed then, when true to their word they played their final song and left the stage. At 9.15. I don’t want to get into a rant about the fact this award winning band, with a hit album and years of experience behind them could only manage to put together a forty five minute show, including a cover, but quite honestly I’ve I’d have been a paying customer I would not have been happy that the show ran to only half it’s advertised time. Anyway, I’d happily go to see them again in the future, they were everything I like in a band, great musicians, a singer with a fabulous voice and very entertaining. I’d just have liked a bit more.






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