‘Wall of Sound’ announce their 20th Anniversary with a series of ‘Off the Wall’ projects

Iconic British Independent Record Label ‘Wall of Sound’ announce their 20th Anniversary with a series of ‘Off the Wall’ projects to celebrate their musical heritage.

Wall of Sound was first started 20 years ago by maverick ‘Mark Jones’ who brought Big Beat to prominence in the early 90s and followed this with a string of genre breaking releases from artists as diverse as Grace Jones, Röyksopp, Banksy, I am Kloot, Tiesto, The Wiseguys, The Human League, The Bees, Les Rythmes Digitales, Reverend & The Makers and Propellerheads.

It’s quite a history and one which needs to be documented as well as celebrated. To do just that the label are launching a series of projects over the next 12 months called ‘Off The Wall of Sound’ which will include a compilation album, film documentary, book and 20 gigs & 20 festivals across 20 countries!

In addition to the label’s retrospective, Wall of Sound continue to march forward with a plethora of fresh and exciting artists including new forthcoming releases from recent signings Sykur, Killaflaw, Ekkoes and Kids on Bridges.

For anyone who has met label head honcho ‘Mark Jones’ it will come as no surprise that the launch of this amazing 20th anniversary series of events is taking place on the 1st April!  This will happen behind closed doors at a VIP invite only event at The Record Club in Camden where artists from the label’s past to present will DJ and perform live. Mark Jones will also be interviewed live on stage in a reversal of his very own ‘Question Mark’ series.

Fear not though folks a bigger party where all and sundry are welcome is coming soon but before that sit bit back and enjoy a few birthday card messages from some names you might just recognise. It’s all just a little bit of HISTORY REPEATING!

Wall of sound UK“Happy 20th birthday.. And thanks for commissioning my 1st ever remix for Mekon in 2006 :)” Duke Dumont

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.  Grace Jones

Congrats on your 111th birthday” Royksopp

“Spending time with Wall of Sound is like being in an epic road movie without a map… And no road.” Banksy

“Wall Of Sound was the label me and my friends would search for the logo. When I first arrived in the UK we became friends with The Dirty Beatniks who were on the label. Just by hanging out with them, you knew how important the ethos and identity of WOS was to them and the other artists on the team. It’s legacy rests on the music.” Zane Lowe

“Wall Of Sound had a lot to do with me getting into electronic music. I fell in love with The Wiseguy’s first album ‘Executive Suite’, promptly joined the mailing list and had WOS flyers all over my bedroom wall as a student in Belfast. Then Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Darkdancer’ came out and I was a full convert” Annie Mac

“Wall of Sound are part of our musical heritage, the label that’s added the most colour to the glorious tapestry that is British alternative music.” Eddy Temple-Morris

“I once found myself at a urinal in Smithfield pissing next to Mark Jones and realised we were both pissing in the gene pool of pop music. Viva Wall of Sound for character based pop fun” Norman Cook


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