WACKEN online Advent calendar – bands announced so far…

The Wacken advent calendar started on the 1st Dec and the first bands revealed so far are: Skid Row, Bring Me The Horizon, Excrementory Grindfucker, Crematory and Hammerfall.

Since then the following bands have been announced

Bülent Ceylan logo Wacken 2014Double package behind door 6

Steel Panther – Feel the steel! The mighty Steel Panther will play W:O:A 2014 for the first time. Get ready for a heavy fog of hairspray! The once celebrated “Best Tribute Band In The World” continues where Glam Metal once stopped. Spoof? Homage? Both? Whatever it is, the band brought it to perfection. Death to all but Metal!

More about the band at Billing/Bands

Bülent CeylanIn 2014, the metal affine comedian and cabaret artist Bülent Ceylan will bang his head for the second time at the Wacken Open Air! And fittingly he is going to start his new program Haardrock in 2014 – which means you will get a whole new performance!

More info at Billing/Bands

Red Hot Chilli Pipers logo Wacken 2014Day 7 comes with an alternative music package

Red Hot Chilli Pipers – The Pipers are playing rock with classic instruments which are dominated by bagpipes. Next to cover songs like Smoke on the Water, the band has also released a lot of self-composed songs. Already the first album was a platinum record and they are going to rock Wacken for the second time now!

VogelfreyVogelfrey are old acquaintances too, the band rocked Wacken in 2012 with their folk/medieval metal music. Also in 2012, the band released the album Zwölf Schritte zum Strick and now they have collected money for a live DVD using crowd funding– we’re looking forward to it for sure!

PampatutThe minstrel duo Pampatut from Germany has played at Wacken this year and they will return in 2014 again!

Blechblos’nAlso the iconic band Blechblos’n will return in 2014 to play at the Bavarian beer garden at our Anniversary.

Vintage Caravan logo Wacken 2014Another double package on the eight day of the Advent calendar!

Another day with two new bands for W:O:A 2014. And both bands are looking forward to their first W:O:A performances.

The Vintage CaravanClassic rock is back in action and the Vintage Caravan members knew this extra early. In fact, it was in 2006, when each of them was only 12 years old. The band has already the reputation to be a great live act and it’s time for their first album as well – and this will be released in January 2014.

More at Billing/Bands

Fleshgod Apocalypse… are playing technical and brutal death metal tooled with melodic and even classical elements and even samples. Until now, the Italians have released three studio albums. The last one was Labyrinth and it was released earlier this year.

More at Billing/Bands

Saxon logo Wacken 2014NWoBHM legend Saxon behind door 9

The second week of the W:O:A Advent calendar has begun! Next to some nice daily prizes we can also present the next band for our 25th Anniversary 2014:

SaxonSaxon is one of the pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and at the heyday of nwobhm, they were at eye level with bands like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. After some short musical excursions, the band reflected on its old strengths. And you can still notice this at their newest output: Sacrifce is the 20th studio album and was released earlier this year in March. And at W:O:A, the band will play for 8th time!

More at Billing/Bands

August Burns Red logo Wacken 2014 August Burns Red behind Door No. 10

Today we can confirm another Wacken debutant for the W:O:A billing.

August Burns Red – are a US metalcore Band which was founded in 2003 in Pennsylvania. The band gained a lot of fame during the last 10 years and they even entered the US top 10 with their last album Rescue & Restore.

In 2014 they will play for the first time at Wacken.

More at Billing/Bands

Every night another door opens on the Advent Calendar releaving new bands for Wacken 2014 and raffle nice prizes at Metaltix.com.


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