VPAAHSALBROX’s ’14 Sovereign’ Gets the Black Metal Vinyl Treatment from Pale Horse Recordings

Pale Horse Recordings has set October 1 as the date on which 14 Sovereign from manic Black Metal rabble VPAAHSALBROX will be released on limited edition black vinyl (300 copies). The album will also be released digitally. Stream “Swallow The Wound” and pre-order at http://palehorserecordings.bandcamp.com/album/14-sovereign. Originally released by the band in 2005 on cassette and limited to 50 copies, 14 Sovereign is also available for pre-order from the Pale Horse Store.
Some years ago VPAAHSALBROX offered unto few a proclamation of allegiance to the Radiant One: a short albeit powerful release at once hideous and beautiful, propagating a unique and harsh sound born of malice and malediction. Both in lyrical and musical composition, we glimpse a nascent, enigmatic entity rising from an intimate understanding of the Enochian Keys. Here the flames of its fury are rekindled, that He might be again exalted above the firmaments of wrath.  “And it said unto you, oh believers: Behold the face of Satan…”
“Swallow The Wound” promo video:

Track Listing:
1. Swallow the Wound
2. The Flesh I Have Given You
3. Open the Mysteries of your Creation

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