Volksmetal – ‘Volksmetal’

“That looks interesting…” A dangerous phrase: an extremely dangerous one. It can lead to all sorts of madness and mayhem.

And when this particular release popped into the PM inbox, little was this scribe prepared for what he would be subjected to when he decided that party metal mixed with German oompah – complete with accordians and (yes) fuckin’ tubas would be an “interesting” choice of reviewing material.

Quite frankly, if the 12 tracks on this album could be described as complete and utter drivel, then that would be a compliment. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration – right in the middle, there is a track called ‘Mausig Schaut Mei Alte Aus’ which has a rather drunken attraction to it, while ‘Säuferjolder’ does attempt to mix a little death metal riff into all the rather inane yodelling and chanting.

Other than that, if this lot were playing the Munich Beer Festival I’d probably be a lot more interested in banging fraüleins than banging along…


Track listing:
1. Da Deifel Is A Oachkatzerl
2. Da Mäddelbanger
3. Fürstenfeld
4. Geh Lass Ma Mei Ruah
5. Bayer
6. Brutal Modelwan
7. Mausig Schaut Mei Alte Aus
8. Säuferjolder
9. Küss Die Hand Herr kerkermeister
10. Die Oide Goass
11. O’Zapft Is
12. Volksmetal Thema

‘Volksmetal’ is available now on Premium Records.

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