Violet – ‘The Brightside’ EP

Violet. Is a 7-piece band, made up of a Drummer-Robbie george, Keyboad player-Tommy Cotton, bass playing Liam Westnidge, guitar players Charlie Bass and Joe Middleton, and then we come to the singers, yup that’s right, for Violet have two singers, Jonny Nelson and Charlie Bass.
This 8 track cd is really an 5 track E.P, as it contains 3 bonus tracks, these are recordings of earlier songs.

Probably the most obvious thing about the band, and probably the one thing that people are being to talk about, is the twin vocalist approach. More to the point the split of a screaming vocalist and a singing vocalist, its interesting to say the least.
The musical direction of the band is hardly groundbreaking, following the familiar screamo’ by numbers formula, however dig a little deeper and you will find they have a depth and substance to make this work
In fact, it is because of the aggressive vocals on this EP that will make it work, the band have a certain edge to them that makes them stand apart from every other screaming vocalist, mainly because he doesn’t scream for the sake of it, he screams in anger, in passion and in style, he has to, because the clean vocal parts are pure quality and bring a sense of melody to the songs, an added depth, not normally found in an alternative band with the sing/scream or just scream vocals, I told you, you had to dig a little deeper.

1. The Bright Side,
2.Youth, And Those Who Keep It,
3. …But Have You Heard Of Me,
4. Perspectives,
5.Seven For A Secret,
6. Everyone Will Listen (bonus track)
7. Just Like Summer (bonus track)
8. Away From Everything (bonus track)

Jonny Nelson – Vocals,
Charlie Bass – Vocals
Sam Bass – Guitar/Vocals,
Joe Middleton – Guitar
Tommy Cotton – Keys/Synth,
Robbie George – Drums
Liam Westnidge – Bass

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