Viking Skull – Cursed By The Sword (cd)

Formed amidst the Steelworks town of Corby, Northamptonshire, their very own first chapter was born: ‘Chapter One’ and set the scene for Viking Skull. Top notch reviews were abundant and a landmark 11/10 review from Metal Hammer lead the band to secure a busy touring schedule supporting the likes of Alice Cooper, HIM, Clutch and Dio! 2005 saw Viking Skull release ‘Born in Hell’  but we believe a bottle or two of Absinthe is to blame for what then became a two year break… isn’t it always!

The aptly named ‘Chapter Two’ was recorded in Philadelphia, PA, after signing a deal with Bam Margeras record label ‘FilthyNote’ and featured guest appearances from Reverend Jim of Fireball Ministry, the Brandywine Eel of Gnarkill, Unkle Matt & the Shitbirdz, and Chad I Ginsburg of CKY but it was ‘Doom, Gloom, Heartache and Whiskey’ that was last instalment from a band who consistently delivers it’s own potent brand of dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll Metal. The come-back earned them another tour with Clutch and a string of headline dates in the USA, including one notable appearance at Bam Margera’s venue ‘The Note’ in West Chester, where he also directed the video for album track ‘Hair of the Dog’.


Cursed by The Sword sees original member Frank Regan return to the band to rekindle the no thrills, balls out biker rock that the Skull are known for.

First track (“Five Fingers of Steel”) is a traditional Viking Skull song at it finest, un-diluted form with its chunky, almost bluesy feel, coarse vocals and traditional biker life lyrics.

“This is the End” is a more traditional classic rock feel about it with an almost melodic, nwobhm flavour running through it due to it superb technical guitar work and classic rock influenced lyrics.

“Cursed by The Sword” is an instrumental and seems more akin to an intro for a song rather than a full song owing to its length.  Despite its shortness it manages to demonstrate the technical aspects of the band which is often overlooked

“Fire” is a slower, courser track which allows the band to slip back into biker rock territory.

“Pumped!” cranks the pace up a gear or three before “You Look Like I Need A Beer“ hits.  Without doubt the best track on the album with its traditional Skull lyrics centred around beer and whisky, and stunning guitar work.

“Machine Gun Honey” and “My Bitch Talks Too Much” continue the biker rock assault, with hints of traditional angst ridden punk lyrics.

“Second Left On Harris” is where the Skull army take control before “Sleepwalk” plays with its epic slower slabs of rock.
Overall Viking Skull are back, firing on all cylinders and taking their own brand of biker rock to the next level.
Highlight of the cd: “You Look Like I Need A Beer”


Rating: 10/10

Track listing:

1. Five Fingers of Steel;
2. This Is The End;
3. Cursed by The Sword;
4. Fire;
5. Pumped!;
6. You Look Like I Need A Beer;
7. Machine Gun Hooney;
8. My Bitch Talks Too Much;
9. Second Left On Harris;
10. Sleepwalk;



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