Velvet Star / Deadaudiosaints – Interview with Danny & Corey Jones – 27th September 2013

I took the last possible opportunity to ask brothers Danny and Corey Jones, from Velvet Star, a few questions about why they had decided to call it a day with Velvet Star and continue in their new venture, Deadaudiosaints.

You two founded Velvet Star back in 2007?

Danny: Yeah, it’s been a while.

You’ve had numerous line-ups since then?

In unison: Yeah, we’ve had a few.

So, if you two are the founder members and you’re going on to your new venture, which we’ll talk about in a minute, I wondered why have you decided to finish as Velvet Star and start a new band?

Corey: A fresh start really.
Danny: Yeah, we’ve got a little bit tired, a lot of member changes, bad decisions on our part and it’s just time for a change really.

I’ve enjoyed coming to see Velvet Star over the years. You’re now moving on, can you tell us a bit about your new venture? What you’re going to be called, what you’ll be doing?

Danny: The band’s called Deadaudiosaints, all one word, it’s very key that it’s all one word. It’s a little bit more alternative, without cutting away from what we do. It’s something me and Corey have wanted to do for a while. It started as a side project but with things happening in Velvet Star we decided to do it now.

Do you two own the music and lyrics for Velvet Star, did you write the music and lyrics or was it a collaboration with the other members?

Danny: I’ve always been pressurised into the lyrics.

Will you be playing any Velvet Star songs or is it all new stuff?

Danny: For the upcoming dates you’ll get a couple of Velvet Star songs, but they’re not Velvet Star songs anymore. We’re going to beef them up a little bit. We’re using a lot of, I don’t really want to say Nine Inch Nails but there’s a lot of different loops and drum samples and stuff, we’re going to beef it up a bit.

Are you sorry to see Velvet Star go?

Corey: Yes, I’ve been doing this since I left school. It’s a big part of me, so in a way I’m sorry to see it go, but glad to do it now rather than carry on.
Danny: It’s nice to be on our terms and, through people leaving, we’ve done it as we wanted to do it. We think it’s right.

Do you have anything to say to Velvet Star fans as to why they should come and see Deadaudiosaints

In unison: It’s awesome.
Danny: The single’s available now for free download on SoundCloud. Go check the single out. We’ve got an album coming out in Springtime and a BBC Session coming up in January. We’ve got some gigs this year in October and November but it really starts for us next year.

I believe you’re supporting Rachel Stamp on a few gigs and you’ve got one at Retro in Manchester, is that the first gig?

Corey: Our first gig is at Trillians in Newcastle on 17th October.
Danny: A couple the week after, one in Manchester, one in Stoke with Blue Origin. Then the Rachel Stamp gigs in November. It will be nice to do the stuff that we want to. Velvet Star had always been a punk band yet we’ve been labelled as a glam band. I’ve never understood that, I love punk rock which is what we always have been.

Tonight, are you going to give it your all and go out with a bang?

Danny: You’ll get a full punk rock show tonight. Definitely!

Thanks guys

In unison: Thank you.

Louella Deville of Planetmosh with Danny and Corey Jones!
Louella Deville of Planetmosh with Danny and Corey Jones!

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