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On 12 October 2014
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'Neon Heart ' now this track is one hell of a great song! Powerful and emotional lyrics just scream out to you from the speakers.

It was back in March of 2012 when I got to hear this band of brothers for the first time. I thought then that I was listening to something just that extra bit different and interesting! Now here we are at the back end of 2014 and bracing our self’s for their third album launch ‘Stereo Messiah ‘ which hits the shelves on October 17th.

“To coincide with the release of their new album, Frontiers Records will be reissuing their second album What The Hell! which will include a bonus track Skin Deep, which was only previously available as a digital download.

You can pre-order this now from Amazon, click here.

The new albums first track is the title song of the album, ‘Stereo Messiah ‘. Nick’s singing seems to be growing and evolving even more with the songs Vega are now producing. I’m not saying he wasn’t before, but with this album it all feels much more like a relaxed recording atmosphere. Also I feel that the guy’s might be leaning more towards the near-melodic ballad style of rock, but they are definitely still retaining that essential jagged and gritty edge that I like about this band. With Stereo Messiah they have kept that explosive eighty’s rock sounding base beat, and with a really well balanced mix of instruments, mastered so that you get to hear all the band members and harmony’s, not just the lead singer and guitarist as some groups do. Using track one as the title track was a good idea giving you the feeling that if this song is this good, “what the hell ” is going to follow?? As always with this band the great thing is you get what you pay for, great music, great guys and a guaranteed great night out! From CD to live stage act, you’ll not hear any difference with the guys performances. Something I’m fairly sure we’ve all experienced is that even some famous well established groups can still struggle with this dynamic from time to time!!

Enjoy the guy’s official promo video below of Stereo Messiah !

Song four on the album ‘Ballad Of The Broken Hearted ‘ is a fantastically powerful and strong track. I loved the close harmony work, and the riff’s are just magical. Well balanced, technical and thought out to match the lyrics perfectly. The keyboards are used to the max along with second guitar. This song alone is deserving of a four star rating on it’s own merits!

‘Neon Heart ‘ now this track is one hell of a great song! Powerful and emotional lyrics just scream out to you from the speakers. Pounding your ears from the first cord “What about love, what about hate, what about the day that it’s too late! ” Well for some groups it is too late, because these guys have just blown them all out of the water with this song! A song about self pity, denial and being emotionally distant from others. A bit of a heavy subject, but rock n roll is the blues after all, and on the plus side it works and works bloody well too!

Joe Elliot the lead singer with Def Leopard gifted the guys this song  ‘10 x Bigger Than Love ‘. It starts almost Beatle-esk like with the use of what sounds like a sitar, then doubles up with electric lead guitar to make an opening riff you won’t forget quickly. Obviously this song has a fairly strong Def Leopard feel to it, and Joe did also help out and sings in the chorus with Nick. The lead guitar work just past half way is mind blowing, and again mixing in that sitar sound around the song just tops it all right off! These Vega guys are seriously good, in fact I’d go as far to say WORLD CLASS!!

I’ve marked this latest brilliant album from the lads with Planetmosh’s top five star rating! I wish I could give it more but it would have to compete with things like? The birth of a child, the moment you had your first kiss or being the first man on the moon! Here’s looking forward to the autumn tour which kicks off in my near-home town of Nottingham on the 1st of November at the Rescue Rooms.



Stereo Messiah

All Or Nothing

Wherever We Are

Ballad Of The Broken Hearted

Gonna Need Some Love Tonight

The Fall

Neon Heart

With Both Hands

10 x Bigger Than Love

My Anarchy

The Wild The Weird The Wonderful

Tears Never Dry


Band Members……..

Nick Workman              Lead Singer

                    Daniel Chantrey             Drums

James Martin              Keyboards

                    Tom Martin               Guitars

Marcus Thurston        Guitars

Guest singer   Joe Elliot


6th Dec 2010 Kiss of Life

18th March 2013  What The Hell

17th October 2014 Stereo Messiah



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Germany –




'Neon Heart ' now this track is one hell of a great song! Powerful and emotional lyrics just scream out to you from the speakers.

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