Vader – Audio, Glasgow – 19/03/2015

Tuesday, the 19 of March at Audio club in Glasgow seemed to be Polish metalhead invasion checkpoint – both on stage and in the audience. Under the ‘Blitz! Europe In Fire 2015 Tour’ flag Vader, together with Hate and Shredhead are going through the Europe and brought solid and neck cracking death metal gig to Glasgow.


Usual for many gigs in Glasgow, including Audio, the first band came to the stage at 7 pm. These guys – Shredhead from Israel. Recently it became quite fashionable to have guys from Israel supporting you as the first band… Anyway, this extreme metal band seemed to be quite good choice for that – very energetic guys on the stage, fast and quality music, super talkative and very engaging vocalist. If the crowd seemed to be quite small in the beginning and passive as well, by the end of the Shredhead show it was nearly full and more responsive. The mission of warming up – succeeded!

Less than an hour later since the gig started, just five minutes to eight, the Polish death metal invasion on the stage started. With a lot of fumes, like hedgehogs in the fog, Hate began their show and as they started, the good


old  headbang in the crowd started as well. Their set full of both new and good old tracks was about one hour long and guys managed to create great atmosphere, which was highly appreciated by the crowd in front of the stage.

No more, no less than 20 minutes after the Hate finished their show, Vader hit the stage with compulsory headliner sign – intro. And if the Hate was the reason for the instant headbang, Vader guys were the ones to evoke the instant moshpit. The temperature rose within the minutes and soon enough sweat was all around us.  Vader seemed to show the best they can do – play fast, uncompromising, quality and amazing energy. These guys are something you might call Polish Morbid Angel version with all the good things about the legendary death metal band. No matter how many times you see them live, they are always worth checking out again. So it was this time as well, despite the fact the the band didn’t play my top favourite tracks, I still truly enjoyed the whole show.  Polish death metal army at its best.


Vader setlist:
Abandon All Hope
Go to Hell
Come and See My Sacrifice
Silent Empire
Reborn in Flames
Decapitated Saints
Triumph of Death
Where Angels Weep
Dark Age
Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)



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