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I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing Unisonic’s debut EP back in February and have been chomping at the bit since then to get my hands on the full debut album to review and finally I’ve managed to bend my ears around it and it has most definitely been worth the wait.

The Ignition EP was almost like a sampler of what was to come for the full album (and you can get my thoughts on those tracks from the EP review here) and it’s great to see those songs weren’t just picked as standout tracks to tempt folk in to buy the full album.

Following the superb title track and favourite of mine off the EP “Souls Alive”, you get pop rock commercialism with “Never Too Late” that not only has a fantastic sing-a-long chorus section but also puts a big smile on your face with its infectious cheerful nature.  “I’ve tried” gives us straight-ahead almost proggy rock that’s Queensryche like and wouldn’t sound out of place on one of their albums, while  “Star Rider” continues this style while feeling suitably grand, especially with another memorable chorus.

Hitting the mid point of the album we’re treated to an upbeat power rock ballad in “Never Change Me” that maintains the cheery disposition of the tracks preceding it and what’s now becoming more apparent, killer chorus lines.  The album’s coming across as more straight ahead rock with some wonderful solo flourishes that are probably more akin to the metal roots the band have and this really comes to the fore with “Renegade” which mixes up a little bit of everything into a wonderful mid paced track.

For the rest of the album the quality is consistently high from another of the EP tracks, “My Sanctuary” through to the final recorded track, “No One Ever Sees Me” which finishes it in beautiful style and reminds me a lot of “Your Turn” ending Pink Bubbles.  You even get a nod to those of us who still hanker for days of old when Hansen and Kiske were key parts of Helloween with a live version of “I Want Out”.

While I’ve focused in particular on the partnership once again of Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske (thanks in no small part to my love of Helloween truth be told), it should be noted that collectively Unisonic have produced an album that is at times easy listening, at times good old fashioned balls to the wall rock, but all the time a great debut album.  The quality of tracks on display and the performance throughout shows that these guys can write damn fine tunes.

Unisonic is available worldwide now

Rating: 10/10

Track Listing:
1. Unisonic
2. Souls Alive
3. Never Too Late
4. I’ve Tried
5. Star Rider
6. Never Change Me
7. Renegade
8. My Sanctuary
9. King for a Day
10. We Rise
11. No One Ever Sees Me
12. I Want Out (Live)

Michael Kiske – Vocals
Many Meyer – Guitar
Kai Hansen – Guitar
Dennis Ward – Bass
Kosta Zafiriou – Drums

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