Ty Morn – Compliments Of The Wolf (single)

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Ty Morn

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On 26 April 2020
Last modified:26 April 2020


A bark at the moon howl from Ty Morn.


Ty Morn, described by founder member Aron Biale as “A golden age metal project with worldwide guest musicians” have released a brand new single ‘Compliments Of The Wolf’ from the curiously titled forthcoming studio album Last Villain Testament.

From the off it blazes a trail of proto power metal as riffs bludgeon, take no prisoners and jab in time with the choruses that are wailed out by Raphael Gazal. A guitar solo comes out of nowhere backed by snapping snare drum work as keyboards add textures to a full on slamming outro. A very impressive starter to the main course of the album.

Ty Morn band line up :-

Raphael Gazal – Vocals.

Aron Biale – Bass guitar/keyboards.

Martin Szorad – Guitar.

Per Mikkelsen – Drums.


A bark at the moon howl from Ty Morn.

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