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Twisted Illusion

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On 16 December 2017
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Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking!

Matt Jones, frontman for Twisted Illusion, when he is not screaming his lungs over heavy progressive metal, has a knack of stopping you in your tracks with deft, heart wrenching balladry and he has surpassed himself with ‘Molly’s Smile’. It’s a charity single dedicated to Brian and Claire Mear who lost their daughter Molly who was born sleeping just two days before she was due to be born. A few years earlier they held Mearfest to raise funds for hospice and cancer charities and following Molly’s passing they started it again with her hand print being the logo. Mearfest is a concert mainly featuring NWOBHM bands and 2017 saw it extended from one day to two days. Twisted Illusion headlined the first night and played ‘Molly’s Smile’ during their set.

At nine minutes long it does not overstay its welcome as it captivates from its lengthy intro of spine tingling electric and acoustic opening chords to the show stopping finish of Matt pushing his voice up into the stratosphere. His plaintive vocals at the beginning deliver heartbreaking lyrics as a searing guitar lead takes on the main riff. The rest of the band kick in and the song is given the full Twisted Illusion treatment. Also on the single are live versions of ‘Discovery’ from latest studio album Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces and ‘Hatred Is A Virtue’ from Temple Of Artifice. The former is so powerful it feels like you are there at the front of the gig as Matt nails the vocal in the register of the studio version. It flows along on sumptuous Floyd like soundscapes. ‘Hatred Is A Virtue’ is an adrenaline rush of controlled aggression that shows off the heavier side of their repertoire.

 Molly’s Smile single track listing :-

Molly’s Smile.

Discovery (live version).

Hatred Is A Virtue (live version).




Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking!

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