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On 28 October 2014
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Superb melodic metal. The best Triosphere have produced so far. Possibly one of the best albums this year.

Something I’ve always tried to do when going to a gig is to see the support acts. I’ve been surprised quite a few times that in some cases the supports were just as enjoyable as the main band. Triosphere are one of these bands for me.triosphere- heart

Almost 6 years since I saw them open for Jorn they are to realease their third full length album “The Heart of the Matter”.  I guess the easiest way to describe them to those who have never heard them is like a heavier version of Heart. Ida Hauklands’s raspy vocals shun the dungeons and dragons route of power metal lyrics and opt for a more emotional tone. Think more melancholy than emo though. One of the first things to catch my attention all those years ago was that all of this was augmented with superb musicianship and still managed to be heavy.

Trisopher’s first album “Onwards” was a supreme melodic metal album while 2010’s ‘The Road Less Travelled’ had some moments but didn’t have that inital spark. “The Heart of the Matter” is really a return to form. It’s heavier, more focused and overall more dynamic. While the four year wait left some of us impatiently wondering if we would hear another album it was worth it. Touring with such bands as Arch Enemy and Sonata Arctica has had equal influence on the band. Comparitively more brutal guitar tones and intense drumming coupled with the heavy hearted lyrics and ability to  be quiet as well as loud is showing Ida, Marius Bergensen (guitars), Tor Byberg (guitars) and Orjan Jorgensen(drums) in their finest form.

Building from opening track My Fortress and Steal Away the Light the album takes slows to the wonderfully crafted Breathless. “Departure” is probably one of my favourite tracks becuase the guitar work is sublime, everything perfectly measured and stays the right side of showing off the chops that the band are capable of without being self-indulgent. “The Heart’s Dominion” signals a change in the pace and tone of the album. More agressive and faster. There is a determination and focus that is present that a lot of bands could learn from. There are no filler tracks on the album. Even the tracks that don’t hit you straight away grow on you the next time you listen to them. It may have taken four years to come to fruition but that time has been used wisely to hone and craft an album that will make a lot of people take notice.

Triosphere are :

Ida Haukland – lead and backing vocals, bass

Marius Silver Bergesen – lead and rhythm guitars

Tor Ole Byberg – lead and rhythm guitars

Ørjan Aare Jørgensen – drums

“Heart of The Matter” Tracks:


1. “My Fortress”
2. “Steal Away the Light”
3. “The Sentinel”
4. “Breathless”
5. “Departure”
6. “The Heart’s Dominion”
7. “As I Call”
8. “Relentless”
9. “The Sphere”
10. “Remedy”
11. “Storyteller”
12. “Virgin Ground”

Superb melodic metal. The best Triosphere have produced so far. Possibly one of the best albums this year.

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