The Treatment – Islington academy, London – 13th May 2016

Tonight’s show was the final date on The Treatment’s UK tour.  Supporting them tonight are The Amorettes, the Scottish trio who have been the support for the whole tour, and Airrace, playing a very rare show.

First up were Airrace, a melodic rock band that released a couple of albums in the mid 80s and a third album in 2011.  If they sound like an odd choice to support The Treatment, there is a good reason for them to be on the bill.  Airrace guitarist, Laurie Mansworth is the manager of The Treatment as well as being the father of their drummer, Dhani Mansworth.  Tonight Dhani is also playing drums for Airrace.
I last saw Airrace in 2011 – and in fact I’m not sure if they’ve actually played since then as singer Keith Murrel mentions during the show that they haven’t played for five years.  For a band that plays so rarely, there’s no sign of them being rusty and they put in a great performance. Keith Murrel is a great frontman and singer, and helps the band impress.  It’s great melodic rock – an excellent start to the night.

Next up was Scottish all-female trio, The Amorettes.  They’ve been working hard over the last few years, touring with bands such as Ash, Danko Jones, Black Star Riders and more, and also recording their new album which is due out in June.  Musically, think ACDC with a hint of Motorhead and vocals by Joan Jett and you’ll get an idea of what to expect.  In terms of a stage show they don’t impress – they’re set up as far apart as possible on the stage, and by necessity they’re tied to their places most of the time so they can do their vocals.  That aside, things are good.  They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to the music – there are great heavy riffs, solid drums and very good vocals too.  It’s a fast hard and heavy set as they limit their talking between songs in order to fit more songs in.  A great set.

Finally it was time for tonight’s headline act – The Treatment.  Their latest alum, Generation Me, has been winning over quite a few rock fans who weren’t quite convinced by the earlier albums.  The new lineup with singer Mitchel Emms and Tao Grey has also been impressing on stage.  Unsurprisingly the new album is the backbone of the set with seven songs tonight coming from it includin the opening song, “Let it begin”, the title track “Generation me” and the excellent “Bloodsucker”.
I’ve seen The Treatment quite a few times over the years, and now that the new lineup has time to settle in, the band are firing on all cylinders and are full of energy.  Singer Mitchel Emms is an excellent frontman and is constantly on the move and doing what it takes to get the crowd fired up.  The team of brothers Tagore and Tao Grey on guitar and Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman all put in great performances and are very active, constantly moving around the stage.
It’s a high energy show and really goes down well with the crowd – with this new lineup and new album, The Treatment are better than ever.


Let It Begin
Cry Tough
Running With The Dogs
The Devil
I Bleed Rock+Roll
We Are Beautiful
Generation Me
The Doctor
Backseat Heartbeat
Drink, F**k, Fight
Shake the Mountain

Get the Party On

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