TOUGH ON FRIDAYS release new EP ‘Overboard!’, out now on Golden Robot Records

Having recently released two brilliant singles ‘Lush (Reimagined)’ and a stunning cover of Basement’s ‘Covet’, Texan-based grunge-alt-rockers TOUGH ON FRIDAYS are set to release their new EP Overboard! digitally via Golden Robot Records June 27.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and there is nothing better than looking back to see just how far you have come. It is something that TOUGH ON FRIDAYS is now in a position to do and do so with no small amount of satisfaction. With the line-up now stabilized, and the momentum starting to build for them, they are now able to appreciate and appraise the evolutionary process and the learning curves they have navigated, not to mention the single-minded determination which has got them to where they are today. 

Overboard! is a brilliant showcase for Caleigh’s impressive song-writing skills. It wanders between the effervescing and energetic, and the subdued and subtle, between the epic and the accessible. It is big and it is clever. This is stadium-ready rock in all its glory. 

It comes as no surprise that TOUGH ON FRIDAYS is starting to get noticed on the national circuit not just for their song-crafting but for their incendiary live shows, something underlined by an opening slot for Everclear already in the diary. You can never sit back and take it easy, especially in the creative world, but the recent stability that the band has enjoyed and the hours put into the art of songwriting, not to mention honing their skills as live performers, is certainly filling TOUGH ON FRIDAYS with a new found confidence. 2022 looks like it could be a very big year for the band. 

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“When Overboard! is finished, it leaves you wanting more. It is a credit to the band and what they have assembled. It has something to keep long-time fans happy, but it is the perfect doorway for those new to Tough On Fridays”
Indie Band Guru

TOUGH ON FRIDAYS is the Texan-based grunge-alt-rockers with an enviable ability to artfully smash together alt rock, indie, and grunge into their own brand of infectious, in-your-face style of rock ‘n’ roll.
Well-seasoned performers throughout the Texas music circuit, TOUGH ON FRIDAYS have come to be known for their enthusiastic live shows and reputation for captivating fans with their consistent delivery of great music. With Caleigh on guitar/vocals, Carly on bass/vocals, along with studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck, the trio has connected to create an alluring energy that the music scene has not seen in many years. This energy combined with their fresh sound leads TOUGH ON FRIDAYS to really stand out among the crowd.
The band, although truly one of a kind, cites their own inspirations as the likes of Paramore, Basement, Brand New and Third Eye Blind.
Recently signed to global indie powerhouse, Golden Robot Records, the band now have their sights set on bringing its music to a more international audience.

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