Three seasons – Life’s road & Understand the world

three seasons - lifes roadThree seasons are a three piece rock band from Sweden that formed in 2009.  They have released two albums to date – ‘Life’s road’ & ‘Understand the world’.

Listening to the albums there’s a real retro 70’s feel to the music.  It’s a sound that’s proving very popular at the moment with bands such as Rival Sons being very successful with a 70s sound.  In particular there’s a definite Deep Purple sound – partly from the use of the distinctive Hammond Organ sound.  It’s not just the Hammond sound that speaks of a Deep Purple influence though – vocally and musically there are little bits here and there that sound heavily influenced by Deep Purple.

If you like that retro 70s sound then Three Seasons are a band that you really ought to check out – it’s damn good stuff and is well worth a listen.

‘Life’s road’ and ‘Understand the world’ are out now

Rating: 8.5/10

Track listing (Understand the world):

1. Set in stone
2. Searching
3. Far as far can be
4. Ain’t got time
5. Understand the world
6. I would be glad
7. Maria
8. Can’t let go

Track listing (Life’s road):

1. Too many choices
2. Cold to the bone
3. Down to the bottom
4. Each to their own
5. Feel alive
6. An endless delusion
7. Since our first day
8. Moving on
9. Life’s road

three seasons - understand the world

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