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On 1 October 2021
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No egotism here from Thirteen as they tear through these 6 songs on their Ego Trap EP.

You can’t keep a good band down, point proven by Edinburgh based noisy bastards Thirteen, showing that sometimes 13 can be a lucky number with their latest EP Ego Trap released today on October 1st. I’ve seen them at a few rock/metal festivals over the years and their punk rock ranting effervescence transcends musical genres to get the crowd going.

Still fronted by the Peter Pan of punk Dolly Robinson, they are now a four piece with the addition of an extra guitarist so Dolly now describes them as “A twin guitar rock n roll monster” point proven by EP opening track ‘Wannabe’s, Has-Beens And Ne’er Do Wells’. The second guitar has really boosted their sound up to new levels of bombast. It’s a fast and furious tarmac burner crossed with a raised middle finger of punk ire backed by crushing powerchords, topped off by the manic snarled vocals of Dolly.

The opening riff of ‘I Am The Fire’ is so sharp you could shave with it as it settles into a raucous chug backed by ear popping bass guitar growls and snappy snare work.

It’s all about the riffs for ‘Pearls And Piss’, big fat juicy ones that had me grinning from ear to ear and even more so when the Big Country like melodic guitar lines arrive. The song is performed like an anthem and quite rightly so as the vitriolic vocal is delivered with a sneer followed by “Whoa oh oh’s” midway and a full on band outro.

The jams are well and truly kicked out for the rabble rousing rock and roller ‘Never Wrong’. Vocals are laid back but still pack a knockout punch. A stomped midsection raises the intensity levels towards a wailing outro lead guitar solo.

A touch of serenity comes from the beautiful melodies of ‘Trampled Flag’ that brought to mind the Buzzcocks at their dreamiest. Dolly wears his heart on his sleeve for a spotlight stealing vocal. It’s a boisterous ballad full of joyous guitar work.

They finish on an old song ‘Thirteen’ which is also my favourite of theirs as they belt it out loud and proud of who they are and what they do. It’s a clarion call to arms of menace all wrapped up in 3 minutes of battle scarred malevolence. A tasty wah-wah guitar solo precedes full on rants of “We are thirteen, punk rock and roll”.

Formed in 2013, Thirteen have previously released 2 full length studio albums and 2 EP’s.

Purchase links to Ego Trap and band info are here :- I I I

Ego Trap EP track listing :-

Wannabe’s, Has-Beens And Ne’er Do Wells.

I Am The Fire.

Pearls And Piss.

Never Wrong.

Trampled Flag.


Thirteen band line up :-

Dolly Robinson – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal.

Rabies – Drums/Backing Vocals.

Marco Morelli – Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Iain Gillespie – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.

No egotism here from Thirteen as they tear through these 6 songs on their Ego Trap EP.

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