PlanetMosh Album of the Year 2013

Twenty-Thirteen was another amazing year in the world of hard rock / metal. With so many crunching releases to sift through,the staff here in PlanetMosh Towers sent in their submissions for their favourite albums of the year. All the numbers were crunched in the PlanetMosh super-computer and we are proud to announce:

The PlanetMosh Top Twenty Albums 2013


20. TheOcean-PelagialThe Ocean : Pelagial

“After the initial playback i found a connection with the grandeur of Tool, the aggression of early Will Haven, the progressive melodies of Earthtone 9  and the twists and  turns of At The Drive In but repeated playbacks bring forth a lot more nuances. Every track is a classic” – Dennis Jarman

Playlist: Hadopelagic I: Omen of the Deep

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The Answer 'New Horizon' artwork19. The Answer – New Horizon

“New Horizon is a huge feel good album that just gets better the more you listen to it. There is a lot of rock, a lot of roll, infused with the blues and hell of a lot of soul. Without a doubt, The Answer’s best work to date!” – Robbie Rooney

Playlist: Spectacular

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RobinBeckUnderneath18. Robin Beck – Underneath

The magnetic feel good spirit the album gives makes you want to place the album on repeat. ‘Underneath‘ is more than worthy to hold a place on the shelf of any melodic rock fan’s collection – Lara Kisel

Playlist: Wrecking Ball

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schenker17. Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Bridge The Gap

“Having Doogie White as your vocalist and writing partner must have been an inspired choice for Michael, as this album contains 13 tracks of pure magic, yet with a strong band feel.” – David Farrell

Playlist : Fallen Angel

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in solitude - sister - album image 116. In Solitude – Sister

“The new kings of metal with a twist, embrace the metal channel the goth in you” – David McCallum

Playlist: Death Knows Where

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DEVILDRIVER Winter kills15. DevilDriver – Winter Kills

“Winter Kills contains 11 tracks of blistering metal.Winter Kills is one of the most intense albums I have heard this year, any of the 11 songs will slay when played live” – Dennis Jarman

Playlist: Tripping Over Tombstones

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Death_Angel_-_The_Dream_Calls_for_Blood_cover114. Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood

“The Dream Calls for Blood is Death Angel doing what they do best and I bloody love it to bits” – Scott Watson

Playlist: Son Of The Morning

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Carcass-Surgical-Steel13. Carcass – Surgical Steel

“Carcass’ influence on the extreme metal scene is undeniable. Theirs is a legacy of savagery that has been surgically refined with the release of “Surgical Steel”, proving in a world obsessed with nostalgia that some reunions are more than just an exercise in accountancy, they are a justified extension of a still relevant entity.” – Steve Dempsey

Playlist: Unfit for Human Consumption

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beth hart and joe bonamassa - seesaw12. Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart – SeeSaw

“I really can’t recommend this album highly enough – it’s stunningly good.” – Anthony May

Playlist: Nutbush City Limits

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Album Cover - End of Disclosure - Hypocrisy11. Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure

“While End Of Disclosure does not reinvent the genre, it does cement Hypocrisy’s place within the top echelon of extreme metal.” – Iris North

Playlist: 44 Double Zero

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Hell-Curse-Chapter-Artwork110. Hell – Curse and Chapter

“Rich and Diverse is also the best way to describe this album. Each track feels more like opening a new chapter in a forever engulfing storyline and you can’t help but let yourself be drawn in and carried away by its spectacle. Hooked in curse and chapter indeed.” – Scott Watson

Playlist: The Age Of Nefarious

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Trucker Diablo - Songs Of Iron Artwork09. Trucker Diablo – Songs Of Iron

“Songs Of Iron’ demonstrates this, in spades, and as the Big Truck Keeps On Rollin’ I suggest you either jump aboard or get out of the muthafuckin’ way!” – Mark Ashby

Playlist: When It’s Gonna Rain

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FFDP08. Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side Of Heaven I&II

“FFDP return with a very strong album, I would even go as far to say this album contains no filler (two bonus tracks aside) and I already have some favorite tracks which I will be assaulting the ears of London with on a regular basis. Go out and get it!” – Dave Bedlam

Playlist: Lift Me Up

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alter bridge - fortress07. Alter Bridge – Fortress

“Fortress is a great album and one that shows why this band have been getting such a great reputation” – Anthony May

Playlist: Calm The Fire

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Ghost infestissumam06. Ghost – Infestissumam

“The apocalyptic dance boogie of Year Zero coupled with the psychedelic posturing of Secular Haze serve to throw down the gauntlet on Ghost’s sophomore release ”

Playlist: Year Zero

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Stormzone - Three Kings artwork05. Stormzone – Three Kings

“Three Kings stands up to all the greatest Classic Metal albums of the eighties and easily beats anything that has been done ever since. It may be the year 2013, and with 13 tracks the number 13 may be unlucky for some, but surely will be a lucky one for Stormzone this year. Stormzone deserve a place up there with the big guns!” – Robbie Rooney

Playlist: The Pass Loning

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TTM cover04. The Temperance Movement – The Temperance Movement

“Collected together this album shows The Temperance Movement to be a very versatile band with the rocking groves in the bridge of  blues toned ‘Ain’t No Tellin’’, to the American southern country feel of ‘Serenity’. There is something for everyone on this album.” – Heather Fitsell

Playlist: Ain’t No Tellin’

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Motorhead-Aftershock103. Motörhead – Aftershock

“Recent illness, culminating in cancelled shows and doubts about Lemmy’s apparent immortality have been put to rest with a wry smile and a middle finger. This is Motörhead and they play rock n’ roll.” – Phil Weller

Playlist: Lost Woman Blues

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black-star-riders-all-hell-breaks-loose02. Black Star Riders – All Hell Breaks Loose

“Black Star Riders have given us a collection of classic rock anthems for a new generation that embraces the past with a present day attitude.” – Steve Dempsey

Playlist: Bound For Glory

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PlanetMosh Album Of The Year 2013

Black-Sabbath-132101. Black Sabbath – 13

“It is a stellar album, up there with their finest work. Many predicted the record to be a failure but the critics have been proven wrong in tremendous fashion. This is Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Master Of Reality all rolled into one, modern, package.”  – Phil Weller

Playlist: End Of The Beginning

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