The Texas Flood, Young Dogs, Old Tricks.

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The Texas Flood

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On 30 June 2014
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Packed full of veracious old school classic rockin riff's straight from the U.K.'s very own West coast!

This just released debut album by the three lads from Neath in Wales, is in my opinion just exceptional !!!  Packed full of veracious old school classic rockin riff’s straight from the U.K.’s very own West coast, these guys I’m sure could out rock the very best the U.S. could possibly produce!

The Texas Flood


After reviewing their previous four track EP on Planetmosh back in November 2013, I thought then that they could well be something special to look out for. Now with this new album, I think I was well justified in what I said at the time about the musical style and the brilliant professional feel they all project. I still stand by my comment that they have a real honest feel for the vintage sound, in an absolutely staggering way!! Not only have they got the grip of a titan around the neck of this genre, they’ve taken it, throttled it, and then remolded it to recreate their own unique sound!

Kicking it off is the very loud and very lively track number one ‘ Cards‘. “Put ya card’s on the table!”  This is just what they have done with this opening song, with a corker of an opening riff. Heavy on the drums, it comes with a great beat to get ya’ll rockin. All the lyrics on this album are easy to hear ( something I always like ) so makes it easier to learn them if you want and have a sing-along with the lads. The whole album has that ‘ feel good ‘ factor not unlike the Black Crows mixed with a bit of AC/DC !  I tell ya, for guys of this age to belt out such mature songs like these on this album takes me back to the early days of such bands like Deep Purple, Free and the like, who took the rock scene by storm back in the 70’s.  Could this be the start of something pretty major? I have no idea, but I’m sold already!  Rock N Roll is alive and kicking ass!!

Rock And Roll Queen‘ encapsulates just about everything I’ve just said. Filled with again brilliant drum and base rhythms, and the guitar solo half way into the song just makes my toes curl to the point I fall over!! Clear lyrics on every song, every time from Tom Sawyer, who’s distinctive style just tops off the epic sound of The Texas Flood. If I keep banging on like this you’ll start thinking I actually like this band! Guess what? I think their F-in stunning!!

‘Getting It Up‘  once more the mastery of the lead guitar’s strings on this track could easily have been mistaken for the legendary Snowy White playing. So smooth, so cool, so go buy it and you find out why I’m so pumped up about this one.

The Texas Flood

The Texas Flood are:-

Tom Sawyer – Guitar and Vocals

Tom Williams – Drums

Ben Govier – Bass


The Album:-

1. Cards

2. A Little More

3. Let The Wind Blow

4. Linda

5. Rock And Roll Queen

6. Didn’t Need To Say

7. Honey

8. Long Time

9. Getting It Up

10. Stuck On You

11. Take My Time

12. Bulletproof


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Packed full of veracious old school classic rockin riff's straight from the U.K.'s very own West coast!

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