The Ransack Bloodline CD

Hailing from the north of Portugal their reputation as one of the country’s finest exports is well-deserved. With 10 solid years of underground activity, they naturally became the Portuguese flagship of Melodeath. The guys have pushed themselves to new limits for ‘Bloodline’ their third studio album and created their most powerful yet melodic album so far…….!

‘Bloodline’ is a combination of death metal with some thrash and melodic bits mixed in to create the perfect seamless and distinctive blend. There are no weak tracks in this album; they are all powerful and well constructed.

Shore’s full on throaty vocals and vociferation growls along with blistering breaks, roaring riffs, grilling guitars and pounding drums. This album certainly delivers it all fronts. I definitely recommend you check these guys out.

Highlights Zenith, My Bullet Your Name


Rating 8.5/10

Track Listing:

1 Missing

2 Collateral Damage

3 Vicodin

4 Zenith

5 Sons Of The Seas

6 The Last Days

7 Enemy

8 My Bullet Your Name

9 Scars

10 Trace

Band members:

Shore – Vocals, Guitar
Loki – Guitar
Jay – Bass
Zeus – Drums

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