Cave Growl – Something Drunk CD review

If there ever was a band to give Korpiklaani a run for their money at a drinking contest it would be Cave Growl. These French folk metal stooges may sound on record as rough as your grandmas ass, but underneath the shocking production, the terrible recording and the quite frankly poor metal musicianship, the only thing Cave Growl manage to bring to the table with their new album entitled Something Drunk is the party vibe you get from the occasional song. This album comes with a Planet Mosh guarantee…….. You MUST be pissed out of your mind to enjoy the appalling album which is Something Drunk.

Apart from the funny looking goblin on the front cover, there is nothing that stands out on Something Drunk. The musicianship is basic, which can clearly be heard from the monotonous power chord guitar lines in each song, the lyrics sound like they have been written by a four year old; especially in songs like ‘Hey Hey Oh’ where the opening lyrics just sound like a dyslectic idiot trying to be funny while trying to act like Finntroll or Alestorm while downing a bottle of Vodka. It’s just ridiculously stupid, and the fact that these songs sound like they have been recorded in a beehive makes Something Drunk all the more irritating.

This album would be a lot better if Cave Growl would have found a better recording studio to record this album at. There is so much feedback and buzz; it is hard to tell which is guitar and which is crappy recording. If the production sounded like a Turisas or an Eluveitie, then tracks like ‘Tavern Addicted’, ‘Captain Blackbeard’ and ‘Battle’s Beer’ would be a lot catchier and would get people singing and moshing along to their folk metal antics, instead of moaning and complaining at the fact you can’t really here the instruments.

While the metal musicianship is as poor as a Brazilian tramp on Something Drunk. The folk elements on the other hand are quite enjoyable. The violin, flute and accordion lines all throughout this album show the true melody of these awful songs. Those are the musical moments which rock harder and better than any drum fill, guitar riff, bass groove and shocking vocal line that help lighten the mood on this extremely boring album.

Something drunk is SOMETHING which you need to miss off your listen list in 2011. Beneath the jumpy folk songs, something drunk has literally nothing that sets this album off, making it the worst folk metal release EVER! Cave Growl should give up now and go back to their day jobs. Because Something Drunk really does suck! [2/10]

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