The Quireboys Announce Ninth Album – St Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul

The Quireboys

Realise Swede Dream With Album Number Nine

St Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul
4CD Deluxe Edition Available March 30 2015

Gracie B EP Released March 16 2015

Unplugged & Personal UK Headline Tour Kicks Off Feb 27 2015


The Quireboys – St. Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul

Locked away for a week in the Swedish outpost of Klippan, the Quireboys couldn’t have imagined what would emerge from the most intensive recording process of their careers.

“It was the bleakest place I’ve ever seen,” said guitarist Paul Guerin, following his stay in the town whose name translates as Cliff’s Edge. “I felt like I was in the Big Brother house,” added Spike. “I never stepped out of the studio – not once. We could have gone stir crazy but we came out of there with a record we never knew was possible.”

Inspired by the success of 2009’s critically acclaimed acoustic album Halfpenny Dancer, the band entered Lemon Studios fully intending to repeat that winning formula. However, an Aladdin’s Cave of intriguing instruments and eerie samples inspired the Quireboys to push the boundaries and shift the focus. “The plan was always to record some new acoustic songs and rework some originals,” added Spike. “But the plan changed. There was something about that place – the vibe got better and better and we just went with the flow.”

Spike, Paul Guerin, Guy Griffin (guitar) and Keith Weir (keyboards) flew home with 10 new songs and a brand new sound. Fans can hear the fruits of the Quireboys’ labours this spring when ‘St Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul’ is released as part of a luxurious 4CD set – featuring buried treasure and bonus cuts.

The new album will be packaged alongside Halfpenny Dancer – finally available again – and two discs covering the previously unreleased 2010 Halfpenny Dancer live show featuring fiddles, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo and more! “This side of the band needs to heard,” added Spike. “And we’ll be taking the new music out on the road with our most intimate tour yet.”

The new album’s title might hark back to the Quireboys’ rootsy legacy but the quality of its music reaffirms a desire to break new ground and grow their sound. The 30th anniversary celebrations might be over – but the party’s still in full swing!

St Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul is released worldwide via Off Yer Rocka on March 30 2015 but will be preceded by the Gracie B EP which features 4 bonus tracks & a lyrics video on the 16th March.

Produced by The Quireboys and Martin Ekelund
OYR 021
Album Title: St Cecilia & the Gypsy Soul
Release Date: 30th March 2015
Pre order Date: 27th Feb 2015

See The Quireboys Live:

Quireboys Unplugged
The Quireboys Unplugged – UK Tour Dates

Track listing

Disc 1

1)    Gracie B.
2)    Land  of my father.
3)    St Cecilia.
4)    The promise.
5)    Can’t hide it anymore.
6)    Out of your mind.
7)    The Hurting Kind.
8)    Adaline.
9)    The Best are not Forgotten.
10)   Why did it take so long.

Disc 2 – Halfpenny Dancer
1)     There she goes again
2)     Devil of a Man
3)     Love to Love
4)     Mona Lisa Smiled
5)     I cant stop loving you
6)     Roses & Rings
7)     Baby its you
8)     Hello
9)     Pretty Girls
10)  He’ll Have To Go
11)  Long Time Comin’
12)  Hates to please
13)  King of New York

The Quireboys
The Quireboys

Disc 3 – Halfpenny Live (Part I)
1)     There she goes again
2)     Devil of a man
3)     Mona Lisa Smiled
4)     Love to Love
5)     Roses & Rings
6)     Pretty Girls
7)     Cant stop loving you
8)     One for the road
9)     Hello

Disc 4 – Halfpenny Live (Part II)
1)     Hates to please
2)     Long time comin’
3)     Have a drink with me
4)     Late Night Saturday call
5)     Misled
6)     I love this dirty town
7)     7 o’clock
8)     I don’t love you anymore

The Quireboys will be on their Unplugged & Personal Tour which commences in the UK on 27th Feb

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