The Omega Experiment – “The Omega Experiment”

The as yet unsigned band “The Omega Experiment’s” self-titled debut album is a slick, well written and well produced album, which will surprise a few people, as it was recorded at home by Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge, with Dan playing most of the instruments.
The premise of this album is Dan’s movement from a 10 year addiction to a positive and bright future, the music takes inspiration from Rock guitar riffs, AOR harmonies, Periphery like demonic screams, multi layered Keyboards and modern Prog song structure like Dream Theatre.
The album opens with The Gift, a six-minute track filling the soundscape with a heavy guitar riff, harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on a Styx record, all glued together with a piano that’s pops in and out of the track with ease, very different, and it certainly engages this listener, who can’t wait for the next track.
The introductory vocal harmonies of the second track “Stimulus” are very catchy, so catchy in fact; that you fail to listen to the complex music they are built around.
As the tracks progress, the theme of addiction and recovery become more and more apparent, however it is never forced upon you, they seem to be offering the listener the chance to work out the musical passages, and what they mean.
The frantic drumming in Furor is blistering fast, as the duo now take a running jump into Devin Townsend territory, in fact Devin is currently championing the band; imitation in the form of flattery seems to be working well for the band.
There are a couple of oddities on this opus, no more so than “Bliss”; the track is basically a pair of recorded spoken-word stories being told at the same time set to dreamy, ambient sounds. Different and challenging, this was not for me, but I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into writing/recording it.
The 7 minutes and 50 seconds of ‘Karma’ are a revelation, nearly every part of the opus so far is recreated here, uplifting passages, djent breakdowns, aggressively intense solo’s, and tempo’s that change so fast, blink and might miss them.
The Omega Experiment, won’t appeal to everyone, but overall this a captivating album, full of surprises.
1. Gift
2. Stimulus
3. Motion
4. Tranquility
5. Furor
6. Bliss
7. Karma
8. Terminus
9. Paramount

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