Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Specter At The Feast

482048_10151807003423761_338262742_nThis latest album from the psychedelic American West coast rock band was released on the 18th March 2013 from Abstract Dragon Records. The band have also released the track “Let The Day Begin”  EP for free off this new album, it came out on 8 April 2013. From their first debut album B.R.M.C., which was released in March 2001, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have now made seven albums and a live tour DVD in 2009.

Your in for a kaleidoscopic treat of sounds that will leave you feeling both rocked and mellow at the same time. This album was created to be played very loud, say the band.

So, let’s get into the album starting with the first track Fire Walker. It starts a bit like an old familiar song i once heard, but then gets into it’s stride and comes across to me like it wouldn’t have been out of place at a Woodstock concert from way back when. Let the day begin, they’ve got a real nice beat going on here combined with the singing guitars. A great song for driving too, the music makes you see the winding roads, feel the wind and sun on your face cruising on H.D. across the desert, I digress. Next up is Returning, this track starts by slowing down the pace a little now, a nice rock ballad that takes us nicely into the very mellow Lullaby.

Along comes Hate The Taste, bringing it all back up to speed with a nice rhythm and a song that your sure to remember. Teenage Disease, the thing I like about BRMC is you can hear the lyrics of the songs and join in with them unlike some other prominent groups, which is half the pleasure i,m sure we all get from buying music. Sometimes The Light, this song brings out the groups ability to create a mystic atmospheric feel to their music, a BRMC trait. But this track is only 3.22 minutes long, it would have been better to have this track ( I feel ) go on a little longer. Mostly because you just start to get into the chill zone and the music is gone.
Funny Games, like i,ve said before, i don’t like to compare groups if it’s at all possible. But when i listen to this track i,m thrown back to the 1970’s because I,m sure I can hear the ghosts of Blue Oyster Cult  hidden in the back ground?
To bring this album to a conclusion do what this song say’s and just Lose Yourself. A good album again from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, take your time to listen to the songs. Make time to sit down, kick back and relax as you let some of the soft mellow tones roll over you taking you to a different place.


Track list………
Fire Walker,
Let The Day Begin,
Hate The Taste,
Teenage Disease,,
Some Kind Of Ghost,
Sometimes The Light,
Funny Games,
Sell It,
Lose Yourself
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are…..
Peter Hayes – guitars / vocals
Robert Levon Been – bass / vocals
Leah Shapiro – drums


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