The Midlands Goth Festival – 18/2/12


We braved torrential rain to find the Birmingham Ballroom for the first ever Midlands Goth Festival.

Not knowing quite what to expect, we had a wander around the Dark Market taking in the exquisite sights and sounds of the many stalls that were set up.


Planning to interview some of the bands playing this grand event we return to watch Twilight Laboratory (T-Lab) opening up.

For those unfamiliar with this unique act I can describe them as being similar to Hanzel und Gretyl mixed with seminal crossover legends Die Krupps.

A few technical issues didn’t affect the performance of this rising star of the EBM scene who set about the job of getting the crowd warmed up.

Highlight of the set: “I’m Lost With This”

Set List:
Halo Alpha/ Violet Skies
DB4 Dawn
Intention/ You Always, You Take
Blue Science
Filth/There Is No Way
I’m Lost With This
136/Speed Limit
Standing There

Following on to a now growing audience, we have the quirky 5-piece Zeitgeist Zero.

Having had comparisons drawn to bands ranging from early 90s alt pioneers Garbage through to Blondie this female fronted 5-piece was always going to draw a crowd.

Having a drum kit issue part way through, Teresa Dead entertained the crowd with her rendition of ‘Science fiction/Double Feature’ from The Rocky Horror Picture Show while the offending item was being replaced, before proceeding on with the rest of their set.

A band to watch out for in the future.

Highlight of the set: Party For One

Set List:
Domestic Blitz
It’s Not Easy Being Strange
Heart To Black
Party For One
United In Black
Beasts Under My Bed
Big Bad Wolf
When The Lights Go Down
Dance of The Fallen

Next up we have the somewhat of an enigma that is Mechanical Cabaret.

Coming across as Robert Smith of The Cure on acid, it was a chaotic set with Roi spending as much time in the crowd as he did on stage.

Playing a mix of electronic inspired songs Roi put 110 % of his energy in to his performance tonight and more than justifies the hype surrounding the act.

Highlight of the set: Cheap and Nasty

Set List:
Blank Canvas
Tabloid Species
My Sex Life
Alter Me
Cheap and Nasty
Desperate But Not Serious
See Her Smile

Up next are the band Salvation.

A band who have a history of association with the kings of all things gothic (Mr Andrew “Sisters of Mercy” Eldritch) and also having worked with none other than Wayne Hussey of The Mission, they attracted the largest crowd of the night.

Being one of the earliest members of the famous Leeds Goth scene in the early 80s there was always going to be an era of intrigue and over analysis of the band.

The influences of Monsiors Edritch and Hussey shone through throughout their highly polished set.

Highlight of the set: Sunshine Superman.

Set List:
Diamond Child
She’s An Island
(Clearing Out The) Debris
The October Hour
The Happening
All and More
Sunshine Superman
Listen To Her Heart
Why Lie

Headliners Inkubus Sukkubus finish the main bands off.

Having an extensive back catalogue to fall back on Inkubus Sukkubus set about playing songs ranging from their earlier material from the “Wytches” album through to tracks from their new album “The Goat”.

The Inkies are often referred to being one of the top bands in the Pagan rock category and it is easy to see why.

Another magical performance tonight with Candia being on great form.

Highlight of the set: Heart Of Lilith (though the new song “The Goat” is very catchy and is a certain to become a firm favourite among their growing army of fans).

Set List:
Vampyre Erotica
The Nymphaeum
Paint It Black
Away With The Faeries
Love Eternal
City Of The Dead
Heart Of Lilith
The Goat
Belladonna & Aconite


Mopping up the remaining diehards are Ex Alien Sex Fiend Ratfink’s latest project “Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show”.

Playing a self styled mix of “50’s and 60’s rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage” along side a projected screen of “bizarre old movie ads and 3D Visuals”.


They proved a perfect for the end of the nights performers, leading into the late night disco after Uncle Ratfink and Mr Ripper treated us to a truly mind altering experience which included a fine rendition of the Bird Is The Word song which had to be seen to be believed!.

Overall Dark Heart Events put on a great first Midlands Goth Festival and I for one am hoping to see it return.

For More information on future Dark Heart Events pleace check out the Official Facebook page HERE

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