The Lounge Kittens launch Pledge Campaign for debut album and release video

The Lounge Kittens stick two fingers up to the winter weather with their sun-kissed California-style latest video release for their Pop Punk Medley. Featuring all the best bits from all the best pop punk songs they’ve managed to squeeze everyone from Blink 182 to Paramore, Fall Out Boy to Bowling for Soup, The Offspring to Wheatus into their fun filled romp and give it a classic British twist with the accompanying video.

“Pop punk signifies such an important part of us all growing up, rebelling against our parents, being stupid and annoying (yeah… we USED to be annoying…) and being alternative to the ‘normal’ crowd.”Says Jen, the red Kitten, whose Avril Lavigne-esque style in this video perfectly epitomises the era. “Singing the medley is like experiencing a whole night at a rock bar in just 5 minutes – everyone’s favourite bits from songs filled with nostalgia. Let loose, live free, run around in a shopping trolley, fall off your skateboard and pretend it didn’t hurt, shave your head, wear cheap rubber bangles and have fun with the only people who really ‘understand you’; your mates.”

Watch the video here:

The cheeky trio have also unleashed a Pledge campaign for their debut album ‘Sequins & C-Bombs’ which is set for release in 2016. An array of exclusive incentives are on offer with fans being given the opportunity to spend some serious (or more likely, very silly) time with the ladies and all pledgers receiving an instant download of the Pop Punk Medley to boot.

“I am totally jazzed about the Pledge campaign” Timia (the blue one) says “The fact that we’re in a position to even be making an album blows my mind. The fact that it’s going to be the product of a massive joint effort from not only our team -but the fans as well makes it that much more magical. I’m so excited about the perks that we’re offering to pledgers, I can’t wait to see how they work out and who we meet. Every last person involved becomes part of Team Kitten, although it has the potential to be The LK Army by the end of the campaign…we could tour in a tank”

Check out their Pledge page here:

Since shooting out of the internet with their harmonised twist on Limp Bizkit’s massive hit ‘Rollin’ there’s been no stopping these sultry felines as they’ve stomped their way through Sonisphere, Download and Glastonbury festivals and all across the UK and Europe, giving heavy metal heroes Steel Panther a funny feeling in their leopard print pants. From YouTube to Wembley in one nimble leap they keep surprising audiences with their tongue-in-cheek covers, acerbic wit and ability to swear in three part harmony, proving that they can hold the attention of the heaviest of metal fans armed with just a keyboard and their voices. But it’s not all about the metal… “There are going to be a few surprises on Sequins & C-Bombs, for sure” Zan (the pink one) tells us “We like to keep people on their toes and we’re not about to be pigeonholed into just being those girls what do the pretty metal covers.”

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The Lounge Kittens bring you a special Christmas Cabaret show on Friday 18 December at Engine Rooms Southampton. Tickets are available here:

2016 tour dates announcing soon

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