The Last Vegas – The Snooty Fox, Wakefield, 20th May 2014

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The Last Vegas
The Last Vegas

Chicago Rock Band The Last Vegas have just completed an eight date tour of the UK starting in Southampton taking in various places from Workington to Edinburgh and finishing off at The Asylum in Chelmsford.  I managed to catch their show at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on the sixth night of their tour and the gig was streamed live for those who weren’t able to attend in person. The tour continues on to mainland Europe to promote their new album ‘Sweet Salvation’ released on 20th May 2014, the day I saw them.

Support on the UK leg of the Sweet Salvation tour came from Cumbrian Rockers Heartbreak Remedy. Formed in Feb 2013, although vocalist Matty and drummer Stephen have played together for over 13 years. I saw Matty many times when he was bass player in Falling Red, and I’ve always found him to be a good showman, so I was looking forward to seeing him as a front man. The first song Cocked and Loaded had a Deep Purple Highway Star vibe with a good bass line and screaming riffs getting the show off to a good start. Matty, looking good in a black shirt and some fabulous patched jeans with a gas mask (or gimp mask) on one thigh, then announced ‘We are Heartbreak Remedy hope you enjoy yourselves’ Single and Free had a Beatles feel to it with added bullet drumming. Time must have been flying for Heartbreak Remedy as Matty said ‘We’re on night five or is it six? Who knows? Day/Night. Night/Day. It’s a pleasure to be on tour with The Last Vegas they will blow the stage away’

Heartbreak Remedy
Heartbreak Remedy

Tell Me Why about when you fall out with your partner reminded me of Craving by Vintage Caravan. Matty mentioned that they had two more shows after this one, then they would be sending The Last Vegas on to mainland Europe and said that they (The Last Vegas) seem to have enjoyed it here. Matty’s voice was going a bit hoarse when talking but he was managing to hold it up for most of the singing. Life started off with some gentle Riffs then sped up, reminiscent of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynryd and with only a slight waver of Matty’s voice at the end of the song. The Squeezable bottle of honey he was necking like JD must have helped to soothe his throat. I spotted a very nice furry key chain attached to Luke’s rear, an appendage like a tail! I do like a nice tail! Matty introduced the band Callum Glynn, Stephen Jackson and on the slide guitar Luke ‘The Boneyard’ Blair and at some point when I wasn’t looking Luke had changed from a Gibson Sunburst to a Black Gibson and had a plastic slide on his middle finger. I think he used this guitar for the next two songs All You’ll Ever Be and Truth. A high pitched whine then came through the speakers, but the show went on and a few adjustments to leads soon rectified the problem. Luke was back on the Sunburst for the next song Already Gone about an ex-girlfriend of Matty’s. Songs about his ex-girlfriends seems to be a recurrent theme! Some great riffs and a bit of a drum solo in this one.

Matty then thanked us for coming down and the band finished their set with Keep Rollin’  with a great drum beat, plenty of riffs and Matty playing with his bass held upright. Heartbreak Remedy are young, tall and good looking but despite the youth they have a classic rock sound which should appeal to all ages. Finishing to a round of applause Heartbreak Remedy had gotten the crowd nicely warmed up ready for The Last Vegas.

Heartbreak Remedy
Heartbreak Remedy

Set List:
Cocked and Loaded
Single and Free
Hair of the Dog
Tell Me Why
All You’ll Ever Be
Already Gone
Keep Rollin’

Band Members:
Matty Penn – Vocals & Bass
Callum Glynn – Lead Guitar
Luke Blair – Rhythm Guitar
Stephen Jackson – Drums


Chad Cherry - The Last Vegas
Chad Cherry – The Last Vegas

The Snooty Fox curtain rose and The Last Vegas were stood with their backs to us then they turned round and wow! Chad Cherry looking cool in some fabulous patched jeans, leather jacket and black hair covered with a grey beanie hat and Nathan seated behind the most amazing furry drumkit I have ever seen! Starting with two tracks from the new album Sweet Salvation Come With Me with the chorus ‘Come on, Come on’  and Invincible Summer. What can I say. I’d never seen this band before. I don’t think I’d even heard any of their songs until the gig, but I was instantly hooked. The Last Vegas are energetic, entertaining and good looking too! Chad has great stage presence, very charismatic think Ville Valo, Jared Leto and Mick Jagger all rolled into one exciting frontman! Invincible Summer  with the chorus ‘summertime and the living is easy’ led to I’m Bad a catchy song with lot’s of energy and screaming riffage. Chad was doing some rock horns which showed off his skeleton gloves. He must have been hot up there with hat, scarf and gloves!

Chad Cherry - The Last Vegas (Throwing a Shape)
Chad Cherry – The Last Vegas (Throwing a Shape)

We are The last Vegas from Chicago, Illinois. USA and we are here to take you all to the other side’ was Chad’s introduction to The Other Side another great song with screaming riffs. I picked up a Blues Brothers’ Gimme Some Lovin beat in this one with guitar riffs in place of the keyboards. Then ‘My name is Chad Cherry and I rock like a motherfucker’ led to Death Style and Evil Eyes with Chad throwing some good shapes and posturing on the stage bars, which are well placed for agile frontmen (or women as the case may be) to hang from! Adam Arling had some fab red jeans on, Danny Smash had a reverse baseball cap on, and I couldn’t tell whether or not he actually had any hair but on sussing out some pics after the gig I am pleased to report that he does indeed have hair! Chad and Danny were doing what looked like a choreographed dance with Chad kind of holding onto him. It was great to watch the interaction between these guys. It Aint’ Easy a David Bowie cover, but I was reminded more of Aerosmith’s Sweet Motion. Brian removed his jacket at some point to reveal impressive sleeves (tattoos). There wasn’t a particularly big crowd, but those who were there were dancing, singing along and just generally having a great time. Chad then asked ‘Are you guys alright? Are you really alright?’ before reminding us that the gig was being streamed. The back of my head no doubt made it onto the live stream! Apologize was a mellower song, think Crazy by Aerosmith meets Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue and it was co-written by none other than Nikki Sixx.

Nathan Arling - The Last Vegas and his amazing furry drum kit
Nathan Arling – The Last Vegas and his amazing furry drum kit

Chad reminded us that The Last Vegas were here to support their new album Sweet Salvation and asked ‘Are you ready?’ and they played You and Me a great song which parodies many other rock bands. Some of whom may take themselves seriously, whilst others just provide pure entertainment. The official video was released on the day of the gig and it’s great fun (see below) to watch, as was the live version, which was not only enjoyable but lively, and saw the band bouncing around all over the place. Well as much as the stage at The Snooty Fox would allow anyway! This song led straight into another high octane song High Class Trash a really great raw one, which I just happened to video (like you do) with some great riffs and a twin axe attack from Adam and Brian. It also had some Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil type whoo whoos which were fitting as Chad has the vitality and sex appeal of a younger Mick Jagger. There was no let up in raw rock n roll energy now Whatever Gets You Off  which was probably my favourite song of the set, had a Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue vibe. Beat to Hell a bit Guns ‘n’ Roses say Garden of Eden ended the main set, but the crowd wanted more and after shouts for an encore the band came back to play Miss You and the last song We’ll Drink Three. A rocking finale and Chad’s last words ‘We were The Last Vegas and we’ll see you again’ I, for one, hope that wasn’t the last I saw of The Last Vegas. I can understand why they got opening slots for some of the world’s greats, Motley Crue, Guns ‘n’ Roses and my favourite band AC/DC! What an amazing show and what lovely guys! These guys deserve to move on to bigger and better things! Whilst I actually prefer the smaller venue, and the chance to get up close and personal to the sweat, The Last Vegas should be on bigger stages! My last word – Awesome!

Chad Cherry - The Last Vegas
Chad Cherry – The Last Vegas

Set List:
Come With Me
Invincible Summer
I’m Bad
Other Side
Death Style
Evil Eyes
It Ain’t Easy (David Bowie cover)
Loose Lips
You & Me (You Never Know)
High Class Trash
Whatever Gets You Off
Beat To Hell
Miss You
We’ll Drink Three

The Last Vegas
The Last Vegas

Band Members:
Chad Cherry – Vocals
Adam Arling – Guitar
Bryan Wilkinson – Guitar
Danny Smash – Bass
Nathan Arling – Drums

Johnny Wator – Guitar (but not on tour)




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