The Earls Of Mars – Pre Fest Interview Bloodstock 2013

The Earl of Mars
The Earl of Mars

The Earls Of Mars are set to play the Jagermeister Stage at this years Bloodstock festival on Saturday the 10th August.

We catch up with the band to find out more about them, the festival, their thoughts and what you lucky Bloodstock go-er’s will see!

Can you give the readers a quick introduction please.

We are The Earls of Mars. We’ve come to fill your head with tales of the unusual and sounds of the unexplained. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

How would you describe your sound.

Vibrations in the Earths atmosphere that may not be all that they seem. Listen in and decide for yourselves. Please listen responsibly. Alcohol is recommended.

Why did you want to become part of the Jagermeister Stage line up.

Our mission is to bring our stories to the inhabitants of Earth, so that all may revel in their madness. The offer of spending 30 minutes in front of the Bloodstock elite was too good a chance to pass up.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were playing on the Jagermeister.

Irrational fear followed immediately by overwhelming JOY!

Acoustic or normal set?

The Earls set will not be acoustic. We have no need for such things and will be bringing our full sound to the people of Bloodstock. Because they deserve it!

What can the audience expect from you at the festival.

30 minutes of sound manipulation that will titilate and caress! Folklore featuring ladies of the night, monkeys in spacesuits, stargazing swines and staircases that lure you into an unnatural, unwilling ease. Metal. Swing. And Everything inbetween.

Have you ever been to Bloodstock before? If so when and what did you enjoy most about it.

Yes. We’re mainly coming back to look for our minds. I think we left them in the Bloodstock Arms.

What is your opinion of the Bloodstock line-up.

It seems to be completely bereft of bands sponsored by hair products. This is a very good thing.

What are you looking forward to most at Bloodstock.

The experiment that will involve hearing how our music comes together after 3 days of living the Bloodstock existence. It may have a very strange effect on our usual output.

Are there any bands you’re hoping to watch while you’re there ?

Many. Voivod. Slayer. Gojira. Grifter. Earthtone 9. The list goes on. And a whole bunch of stuff that will be new to us. We’re always on the hunt for some new ear food.

Can you sum up Bloodstock in one sentence!

It will be the death of us all.

Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers

The message of LOVE. Wearing hot pants. Swinging from the booster engines of a soviet space station above the Nevada desert. Circa One million years BC.

Thank you for taking the time out to complete this interview, we are looking forward to seeing you at Bloodstock \m/ \m/



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