THE DEATHTRIP stream debut album ‘Deep Drone Master’

The DeathtripThe Deathtrip stream the entirety of their debut album, Deep Drone Master – set for international release on November 14th via Svart Records – at Metal Hammer magazine’s website. Early ’90s-era cold Norwegian-style minimalist black metal mixed and brought back from the dead by scene originator Snorre Ruch, from the legendary Thorns: hear the mindfucking mastery for yourself exclusively HERE.

Take a Lynchian nightmare journey through bleak landscapes via abysmally grim interior reflection. Philosophical brooding and animalistic roars over discordant, jarring, familiar riffs of Celtic Frost/Bathory stature where notes bend evermore into deeper caverns. In light of the current state of black metal, it’s refreshingly dark to hear the real thing again, served up by titans of the old scene.

Cauldrons full of foggy riffs, ritualistically stirred with an unhealthy dose of modern paranoia, and monstrously bizarre, spirited vocals. All of the tormented, surreal, and enlightening lyrics we have come to expect and love from the founder of Dodheimsgard and more. The man whose voice made Kronet Til Konge, Monumental Possession, Satanic Art, and 666 International so game-changing, enigmatic, and unforgettable is a gigantic vocal presence here. A brilliantly defined and realised masterpiece that’s missing from your shelf of beloved and most treasured records. A brand-new ancient and antique classic. File under “True Black Metal.” Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

The Deathtrip Deep Drone MasterTracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Flag Of Betrayal
3. Dynamic Underworld
4. Cocoons
5. Sewer Heart
6. Making Me
7. Cosmic Verdict
8. Something Growing in the Trees
9. A Foot In Each Hell
10. Syndebukken

The origins of The Deathtrip began around 2003 with UK-based guitarist Host’s early compositions evoking a feeling beyond what was generally circulating in the scene at the time – namely, a propensity for technicality and overly convoluted composition over atmosphere. Initial recordings consisted of distinctive riffing on top of intentionally stripped-down, monotonous drums, combined with a raw-as-can-be “production.” The aim was for something hypnotic & primitive through repetitive structure. Upon hearing, Aldrahn (DHG/Thorns) instantly felt a wish to become part of the beast – the essence of the music itself being an extension of his early work with Dødheimsgard – and so took on vocal duties, as well as becoming chief lyricist. This resulted in what became the rare cassette release Demo 08. Songs were sent around to a few close associates, including Snorre Ruch of Thorns who, having been impressed by the tracks, expressed a great interest in helping to develop a full-length album with the band and becoming a part of The Deathtrip’s machinery.

The full-album debut, long ago established to be titled Deep Drone Master, was finally recorded, re-recorded, and mixed across a span of several years. With a lyrical exploration of twisted darkness & death truly befitting of the band’s moniker, mixed with the supreme vocal delivery of Aldrahn, Deep Drone Master looks to tread new territory in the black metal genre. The recording lineup was completed by Storm on drums and Jon Wesseltoft on bass.

“As The Deathtrip is the most interesting and the best black metal I’ve come across in many many years, it was an honour to be asked to mix their debut album.” -Snorre Ruch

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