The Burning Crows “Murder at the Gin House”

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The Burning Crows

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On 3 August 2015
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Move over Quireboys, there’s a new band in town.

The Burning Crows released their first album “Behind the Veil” back in 2013, and immediately set itself up as one of my albums of the year, now two years later, the boys are back with album number two “Murder at the Gin House”, can they repeat the success that “Behind the Veil” enjoyed?

There is no radical departure from the sound and direction that made “Behind the Veil” such a killer album, instead the band have grown into their sound, refined it and have delivered an album that’s even better than the debut. There’s a sense of growth and maturity that just leaps out at you from the first track.

The teasing introduction sets you up for the explosive opener ‘Hell To Pay’, a feel good rock n roll track that the certainly made me smile. Whippz is on great form, he’s singer better on this than the debut, his vocal’s really take control on this album, the songs are played with a hard edge rock and roll aggression, while Whippz vocal’s are pure ballsy blues. Togeather they make a potent mix.

‘Come On’ which has this ballsy style very much in evident, before the single ‘Shine’ pretty much kicks you in the nutz  with its highly catchy riffs. A sure fire live winner.

It’s not all rock and roll though. as they slow things down for a couple of slower numbers like the soon to be an epic, “Goodbye (To the Sunshine)”, and the moving album closer “Holding On”

In between the ‘Crows just deliver one outstanding track after another, “Feels Like Home” is for me the stand out track on this opus, their very own “sex Party”.

The interplay between Singer/Guitarist Whippz and  2nd Guitarist/ Singer  Lance Daniels is superb, never crowding each other, allowing full expression by either party, both playing lead, both playing rhythm, a partnership made in heaven.

With such a strong leading pair you may be forgiven in thinking that is all there is to the band, but the rhythm runs deep in this band, with Will Lockett providing some very tasty bass lines, especially on songs like “Holding On” and “Alright” and with Chris Chapman on drums driving the songs forward, The Burning Crows are in a league of their own. Each of these 10 tracks deserve to be heard by everyone, they are that good.

‘Murder at the Gin House’ is the perfect follow-up album. It can be a very hard job to come up with an album stronger than the debut, however on this occasion The Burning Crows manage it with ease.


Whippz – Vocals & Guitars

Lance Daniels – Guitars & Backing Vocals

Will Lockett – Bass & Backing Vocals

Chris Chapman – Drums & Percussion

‘Murder At The Gin House’ Track Listing:
01. Hell To Pay
02. Come On
03. Shine
04. Alright
05. Goodbye (To The Sunshine)
06. 11:37
07. Little Bit More
08. She’s The Summertime
09. Feels Like Home
10. Holding On



Move over Quireboys, there’s a new band in town.

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