The Bosshoss – Bullpower

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The Bosshoss

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On 19 June 2014
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A great single, and it's great to see The Bosshoss starting to release stuff in the UK.

The BossHoss - BullpowerAt this years Download festival one of the bands I saw really impressed me with their live performance that just stood out from the crowd – The Bosshoss.  Dressed as cowboys their rock is mixed with country and Blues amongst other things.  Throw in a horn section, washboards and castanets alongside the usual rock and roll instruments and you had a crazily addictive fun sound.  Having loved their set at the festival I was looking forward to hearing how they sound on record, so took the opportunity to review their new single – Bullpower, the band’s first single to be released in the UK.The single is taken from their latest album, “Flames of fame” (currently only available as an import from Germany).

The band formed nine years ago so it’s amazing they’ve not released a single in the UK before, and haven’t toured here much, although they seem keen to grow their uk audience so hopefully we’ll see them here soon.  As with the live show, the music is cowboy rock (no they aren’t American – despite the cowboy theme and country and western influences, they come from Berlin, Germany).  They’ve played numerous festivals and draw big crowds there and on their tours, but are still relatively unknown in the uk.

The first song, “Bullpower” is everything I’d expected – great catchy rock music with a strong chorus.  After a few beers I can see this being a great song for a singalong.

“God loves cowboys” is quite different.  It’s slower and the vocals are more rap than rock, but it’s still got a catchy tune, and the use of the horn section works really well.

So, we’ve got a couple of great tracks here, making this a great single that’s well worth a listen.  In fact the only problem with it is that it’s a  single not an album – after listening to this several times I really want to hear a full album.

Track listing:

1. Bullpower
2. God loves cowboys
3. God loves cowboys (video)

A great single, and it's great to see The Bosshoss starting to release stuff in the UK.

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