The Starling Radicals – The World Outside

The Starling Radicals - The World OutsideThe Starling Radicals are a fairly new band from South Wales, who only formed a year and a half ago, but who have already released their first mini-album, The World Outside.  The plan is for them to release a full album soon which will contain the six tracks from this release as well as some new material.
Musically the band aren’t offering anything radically new, what they play is just good rock music.  Very good rock music to be more accurate, and this three-piece really do pack a punch.  The fact that this isnt groundbreaking stuff isn’t important – after all just think how many bands you’ve listened to and enjoyed this year and if asked what they sound like you’d probably say “well they sound a bit like….”. What is important is that this is extremely good and really enjoyable to listen to.
The vocals are good, the bass and drums are good and there’s some great guitar work – throw in some great songs and you’ve got an excellent release thats definitely well worth listening to – I  suggest you check this band out as I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more of them in the next few years.

Track listing:

1. Little boy
2. Bennett the wheel
3. Mona Lisa vampire
4. Moon
5. Unseen empire
6. Eton mess

The Starling Radicals are:

Gareth Bain – Bass
George Toulouse – Guitar & vocals
Aled Phillips – Drums

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