The Bites – Knockin’ On The UK Tour – review at Nightrain, 07.12.23

Hollywood new sensations The Bites embark on a 19-date tour of the UK, which includes two festival appearances and four in-store signings. Tonight sees them with support from Kath & The Kicks.

Yorkshire-based Kath & The Kicks, from Leeds is the main support for ‘The Bites’ at Nightrain, The band describe themselves as powerhouse grunge. I wouldn’t disagree but they also tick the hard/alternative goth-rock-metal box, set with a tinge of darkness, but let’s not get flawed on where they fit genre-wise.

Playing an impressive ten-song setlist the trio is not what I was expecting, but I like what I am hearing. Kath’s evocative vocals lure you in on ‘Neptune’, which starts with drummer Matt, taking a standing position to introduce this song, this man means business so I guess it’s down to Kath to provide the party at the front or that could go to bassist Tony Harrison, who wears tinted black shades throughout, the look reminds me of the Sisters of Mercy.

‘Walls Between Us’, strikes me as post-punk and Kath’s vocals are very Gothic-punk, on this vibrant number, and we get more of this Gothic-rock vibe on ‘Let It Out’. Introducing us to a new song, ‘In The Shadows’ its heavy riffs and melodic vibes, make for a banger of a song. Not to be left out, it’s time for a bass solo, as Matt wishes us all a merry Christmas’ the first seasonal greeting of the season from a band.

Making their way through the set, each song gets more impressive, the beefy and punchy ‘Wild Side’ got my attention and a pounding drum solo on ‘Stay Away From Me’ is another contender, but I felt the vocals were a bit soft for the song, and that it would’ve made an impressive instrumental in itself.

Kath gives a shout-out and a big cheer to families and looking forward to relaxing over the holiday not before closing with ‘All My Time’

Kath & The Kicks are a great live band, that you should check out!

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Kath Edmonds – Vocals/Guitar, Tony Harrison – Bass, Matt Larkin – Drums

Photo by Alex English
Photo by Alex English
Photo by Alex English


The Bites was formed in 2019 by singer Jordan Tyler and drummer Mark Hylander, the duo are joined by guitarists Dustin Coon and Jono Ritcher and bassist Zack Currier.

Playing infectious 80’s inspired rock and roll, the Hollywood 5-piece, dare you to take a bite of their sassy American pie, with their current, and latest album release ‘Squeeze’.

‘Knock Knock baby’… Gliding onto the stage like a summer breeze,  I know it’s mid-winter. ‘Knockin’ On Your Door’ is their opener as the band meld into their positions on stage; singer Jordan is high in enthusiasm, unlike his bandmates, who look a little rough for wear. Maybe it’s the jetlag catching up with them and their continuous tour diary that has them running with the devil. That aside, the pace of the band is full-on, whether their faces say otherwise.

The title track of their album ‘Squeeze’ is the next banger to ignite the stage, it’s a raucous rock n roll that has a tinge of the band Jet, speaking of which, to me, singer Jordan has a similar vocal vibe to Nic Cester, and that ain’t a bad thing.

Photo by Alex English

The boisterous ‘Dirty City ‘ makes its debut, and no it’s not a song about Bradford! Jordan Tyler is having all the fun, as he zooms from left to right of the stage, encouraging his audience to join in. To shake things up The Bites drop a Sabbath-esque medley into their set. I knew there would be a cover of sorts, and hats off for this one!

The enthusiasm rises as the band ploughs into ‘Love Affair’, the opening guitar licks hit me straight away – they are punchy and bold, and the initial guitar chord intro reminds me of Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ Yep, living in a bubble of sin, The Bites ‘wanna do it with you’ (wink).

Asking us ‘Wild Animals’ if we are ready… Tyler grabs a guitar for this pumped-up rock and roller that fires on all pistons, revved up, the beat shakes the audience into participation. I’m starting to wonder if the band has bitten off more than they can chew, as they take a chance on the crowd with ‘Good Love’… poised for a response…bam! They got it as one enthusiastic fan responds on ‘cue’!

‘Do Me Favour’ plays its beefy bars of old-time rock n roll, which is also their first single off the ‘Squeeze, album’. Revelling in the high-octane moment, Tyler, introduces, his band to the audience, this is also prevalent in the song itself.

The latest single release ‘Heather Leather’ has the band firing on all cylinders, ‘hair of the Dog must’ve kicked in’ as they power out all guns a blazing on this party anthem!

Closing with ‘Pretty Boys’. Guitarist Jono Ritcher takes a trip off-stage into the crowd for a little soloing as the band end their set on this boom-bastic roller!

Photo by Alex English

Has the rock scene got a nose like a hound or will The Bites be today’s front page news and tomorrow’s fish and chip paper? I’d like to think that The Bites have imprinted themselves well with their early headline shows on this UK Tour and next year they will be better than red, going ‘white hot’!

We are The Bites and ‘don’t you fucking forget it!’

The Bites play Stonedead Festival 2024 check their pages for more tour dates!

Photo by Alex English

Knockin’ On The Door
Dity City
Medley – (Black Sabbath and other)
Love Affair
Wild Animal – Bad Bad
Good Love
Cold Clean Lady
Heather Leather
Do Me A Favour
Pretty Boys

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Catch them on tour in December here:

14 Dec – Yardbirds – Grimsby 

15 Dec – Crash Records – Leeds (Stripped back instore + signing)

16 Dec – Rock City Beta – Nottingham 

17 Dec – The Waterloo – Blackpool

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