Ten Tonne Dozer – Uit de Buik Duivel te Koop

Ten Tonne Dozer - Uit de Buik Duivel te Koop
Ten Tonne Dozer – Uit de Buik Duivel te Koop

Ten Tonne Dozer, a bunch of Shetland Islanders and one mad Aussie who like to produce some mighty fine huge slabs of grooving metal, have been on the go since 2005.  This latest extended EP of them performing live during their recent tour of Europe is the perfect introduction to them if you’ve never made their acquaintance before.  If you HAVE, then you know exactly what you’re going to get with this release.

I think what strikes me the most with this album is the fantastic production and also the quality of the Dozer’s playing. You know what else it is?  Heavy as hell.  It stomps all over you right from the off with We The Immortal, a huge introduction to just what Ten Tonne Dozer are all about.  Stonking riffage sits behind Dave Kok’s awesomely grooving vocals to give a sound that makes me think of The Commitments if they turned their hands to metal.  It’s good time party metal with a deliciously angry undercurrent.

Down for the Count reigns the pace in, but not much mind, and makes you think of the likes of Down, Monster Magnet with some great stoner styled vibes.  I Smell Skin shows the versatility of the band with a more aggressive and humorously punkish attack that is a great contrast to what’s come before it.

Two Thirds Beast once again shows the amount of power the Dozer kick out live, especially when they hit the beatdown.  It is crushingly heavy before it soars to its conclusion.  Princess of the Blood?  Well, it’s just goddamn evil and so full of doom with Kok once again showing his vocal versatility with Tom Araya styled screamings throughout.

With Lying with Dogs and Monster of Your Dreams rounding this live album off in fine fashion and with a similarly brutal groove I cannot speak highly enough of them.   This is low-down, dirty-assed, chunky metal that wants to bludgeon you to death in a friendly way.  There are triple A metal bands out there who couldn’t produce a live album of this quality and clarity and that’s testament to the way Ten Tonne Dozer work and have always worked.

So, go on, get introduced to the Dozer.  They don’t bite but they do pack one hell of a wallop.

Uit de Buik Duivel te Koop is available directly from the band now.

Track Listing:
1. We The Immortal
2. Down for the Count
3. I Smell Skin
4. Two Thirds Beast
5. Princess of the Blood
6. Lying with Dogs
7. Monster of your Dreams

Ten Tonne Dozer are:
Dave Kok – Vocals
Jamie Duncan – Guitar
Michael Tait – Guitar
Keith Nicol – Bass
Keith Neill – Drums


Ten Tonne Dozer
Ten Tonne Dozer

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