Ten Ton Slug – M2TM Ireland 2016 Finalist – interview

Ten Ton Slug

In our series of Metal 2 The Masses Ireland finalist interviews, PlanetMosh caught up with the slithering beast of a juggernaut that is Ten Ton Slug in the run up to Saturday’s show. Here’s what the guys had to say.

Congrats on getting to the final guys. Can you explain the feeling when you heard your name announced at the semi final?

We were absolutely buzzing, especially as we got the judges vote. After getting through on the wildcard we had a week to prepare and we worked hard, we were delighted to see it pay off.

Speaking of the final. How have preparations been going?

We’ve been destroying all salt based products which may hinder our slug pilgrimage on may 7th. More slime is needed for full slug mobilisation.

Also we’ve been practising hard and doing a lot of promo, from giving flyers out at gigs and getting t shirts for the final to running a competition on the night ourselves to win a sweet custom glass slug pipecourtesy of Connemara Glass Works. There’s always more that can be done.

This year, how has the whole Metal 2 The Masses experience been?

Excellent all around! This is our first year entering and the competition has been fierce. All the bands that played are a credit to the Irish metal scene and show it’s alive and kicking. The organisation of the gigs has been brilliant and the crowds have been amazing. We are honoured to be a part of the final and the experience has shown us what can be achieved with hard work, focus and dedication both on the music and the promotion side. Regardless of the outcome of the final this is something we’re going to strive to continue.

What would you say to bands thinking about applying for next year’s competition?

Do it. Work hard, promote. Give it the respect it deserves.

Has there been a memorable moment that stands out in your mind at the shows to date?

The sight of a packed Fibbers headbanging to our stuff and the feeling of euphoria it produces is immense. Also, when our bass slug pulled a whitey and missed us being announced to the final was memorable too.

Personally, I feel that everyone in the final is a winner but if you were to be chosen to represent Ireland at Bloodstock, what would it mean to your band.

It would be an honour and a privilege to represent Irish metal, especially that from the west, at an international stage and we’ll aim our sights on that however the final goes.

If you could pick one song from your arsenal to let the uninitiated hear what your band is all about, what would it be?

Godes Andsaca, it’s both slow and fast, sludgy and groovy and carries the message of monstrous brutality the slug is all about.

8. In 5 words, describe what we can expect from you at the final.

Ten Ton Slug is hungry.

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