AeSect – M2TM Ireland 2016 Finalist – interview


In the 6th and final instalment of “PlanetMosh interviews the Metal 2 The Masses Ireland 2016 Finalists”, we caught up with the guys from AeSect ahead of Saturday’s main event.  See you in the pit!!

Congrats on getting to the final guys. Can you explain the feeling when you heard your name announced at the semi final?
It was amazing to get through to the final this year. There was some serious competition in the heats and semis, it pushed us to give one of the best performances we’ve ever given.

Speaking of the final. How have preparations been going?
So far we have been hard at it in the practice space getting all things tightened up so we have a rock solid set for the final. You’re going to hear a little bit of past, present and future recorded material on May 7th.

This year, how has the whole Metal 2 The Masses experience been?
Oran and Kev seem to have nailed to running of this event this year. Just the right amount of bands, the right combination of bands and the right spacing in between the gigs. It’s been fun thinking of new ways to get our name out there to grab some attention and create some interest in the band draw some new faces to the gigs.

What would you say to bands thinking about applying for next year’s competition?
The main thing is your performance so make sure that your set is 100% then get as much support in for you on the night as you can and make sure they are in from the start as you may be drawn to play first on the night. Get some merch, set up a stall at your gigs and promote your band online. It shows professionalism, enthusiasm and you may make some money to cover taxis, buses or even accommodation for a gig out of your home town. Also very important is to keep it fun, approach it with a bit of effort but have fun throughout. The competition is great exposure for your band and we would highly recommend entering.

Has there been a memorable moment that stands out in your mind at the shows to date?
Our first round heat in this years competition was one of note. IT was our first gig with our current bass player Willow. It was one of those gigs where things just came together on stage and we had proper great night.

Personally, I feel that everyone in the final is a winner but if you were to be chosen to represent Ireland at Bloodstock, what would it mean to your band.
It’s been great to get this far but should we go on to win we are going to treat it as the great platform that it is to help push the band to a level we are all aiming for. Over the last few years we have watched this competition do great things for bands who have competed in it and feel if this year is our turn we will take this opportunity for everything its worth. The exposure and experience of representing Ireland at Bloodstock would be a dream come true for us all

If you could pick one song from your arsenal to let the uninitiated hear what your band is all about, what would it be?
Everyone’s favourite song at the moment is one of our newest, Sky Burial. It’s fast, groovy and pretty much is a great representation of our band. It was one of those riffs that Aidan brought in that we straight away loved and immediately started writing a tune. The song came together in a day or two and it’s just great fun to play.

In 5 words, describe what we can expect from you at the final.
AeSect melt Simon Hall’s face!
If we could have 6 words it would be “I love gold. Isn’t that weird?” (Pronounced in a Dutch accent)

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