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On 28 August 2016
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There is a lot going for this debut, and even though it has it's faults, I genuinely can't wait for album number two

Tempt is a new band from New York City with an astonishingly young yet accomplished line-up that play 80’s melodic hard rock, and they play it well.

What hits you the first time round is the clarity of the recording, this modern approach and new recording techniques give you a very broad soundscape with the guitar parts sounding frickin’ awesome. The solos are monstrous too, sounding a lot bigger than they are.

They combine the modern rock sound of the Foo Fighters with the original 80’s Sunset Strip attitude of the Bulletboys and Faster Pussycat.

“Comin’ On To You” is the opening track and it certainly sounds like the late 80’s, with a glorious vocal opening and completely over the top guitar solo.

“Under My Skin” takes it one step further, with a bit more hunger in the track and certainly a lot more edge to it, this band means business.

“Use It Or Loose It” has to be the debut single, how can it not be? Masses of chorus, and simply stunning guitar work gives this a Def Leppard feel.

It’s not long before the first ballad appears, and on here, its track five, “Runaway.” This is a giant slab of AOR, reminds me of Legs Diamond with the guitar tone opening bar.

“The Fight” is a great catchy rock track with a solo Vito Bratta would have been proud of.

“What is Love” is another great rocking track, catchy and very commercial, very radio friendly.

“Time Won’t Heal” is another ballad, once again a gentle guitar intro before the chorus build that could quite easily be on Def Leppard’s “Adrenalize”.

“Fucked Up Beautiful” “Neurochild” and ‘Dirty One’ seem to pad the record out when there really was no need to do so, maybe sticking to ten songs would have made a bigger impact as the full fifteen do tend to run into one another, only broken up by the ballads, but overall this is an impressive debut.


There is a lot going for this debut, and even though it has it’s faults, I genuinely can’t wait for album number two.

Line up:

Zach Allen (vocals)

Harrison Marcello (guitar, keyboards, vocals)

Max McDonald (bass)

Nicholas Burrows (drums)


Track List:

  1. Comin’ On To You
  2. Under My Skin
  3. Paralyzed
  4. Use It Or Lose It
  5. Runaway
  6. Aamina
  7. Sapphire
  8. The Fight
  9. What Is Love
  10. Time Won’t Heal
  11. Love Terminator
  12. Fucked Up Beautiful
  13. Neuro-Child
  14. Dirty One
  15. Aamina (MW mix)

Tempt website: www.temptband.com



YouTube. youtube.com/user/iamajibber



There is a lot going for this debut, and even though it has it's faults, I genuinely can't wait for album number two

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