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This is Lee Walker from Planet Mosh interviewing Lita Ford.
LW – Hi Lita, thanks for taking the time out to discuss things Lita Ford related for the Planetmosh readers.

LW – What made you want to become a musician?

Lita – I saw Black Sabbath live at the Long Beach Arena when I was 13.  I thought, when I grow up, that’s what I wanna do.  I wanted to make people feel like Sabbath made people feel. Little did I know that later in life I would become engaged to Tony Iommi, and have a top ten hit single with the lead singer, Ozzy !!! 


LW – Throughout the late 70’s and the 1980’s you really stood out amongst the predominantly male dominated rock scene back then, be it as part of the Runaways or as a solo artist. Then you slowly disappeared from public view.  What were the reasons behind this hiatus and is it something you now regret?

Lita – I disappeared from the music scene for three reasons.   1.  the industry turned to grunge.  2. I got pregnant and wanted to become the best mum any one had ever been.  3. the person who I married,  didn’t allow me to be Lita Ford.  So I put my all into being mum, which don’t get me wrong, I loved the mum part !!!  My kids are my world.


LW – You have a new album out in June (“Living Like A Runaway”) how does it compare to your earlier releases such as “Out For Blood”, “Lita”, “Dangerous Curves” etc?

Lita – ‘’Living Like a Runaway‘’ is about real life experiences, where as “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Dancin On The Edge”, were sexy, party records.   ‘‘Runaway’’ is a fuckoff record!!! It is full of hate, and songs about masochism, psychopaths, being locked up and controlled.  It is deep, serious with rock slamming guitar riffs, played in harmony and incredibly produced by Gary Hoey with a heavy, nasty, and a sexy, dirty feel!!! It’s fucking serious !!!

“Mother”, my song for my children, could have come off cheesy, but it took a lot of balls to write a song like “Mother”.  It’s about my love for my sons and the truth behind an ugly picture that they may never find out until years from now.  This song will help them to know the truth and how much I love them. Beautiful song!!!


LW – I believe you will be doing aUS tour with Poison and Def Leppard.  How did this line up of bands come together for this tour and are there any plans for you to tour Europe and the UK?

Lita – We were lucky getting on tour with these awesome bands.  I thank god. As of now we do not have any shows scheduled for the U.K. I pray that we do some U.K shows as it is one of my most favorite places in the world and it is my place of birth.  I hope to see you soon.  


LW – What is your most memorable experience to date?

Lita – Jamming with Jon Bon Jovi, Brian May, Elton John, Rick Allen, my own Lita Ford band and the rest of Bon Jovi at Wembly Arena 1989.  I remember Jon (Bon Jovi) picked me up, one arm under my knees and one arm around my back , I said “shit, Jon put me down quick – I don’t have any underwear on”.  ha ha !!!  Jon freaked out and put me down, I looked at Jon and said “just kidding!!!”  ha ha !!! The look on his face would have to be my one of my most memorable experiences.


LW – If you had to choose one song to sum up Lita Ford right now what would it be?

Lita – Living Like A Runaway.


LW -Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

Lita: Never wear stiletto heels on stage and always wear a push up bra !!! very important!!  lol. 


Lita’s latest album “Living Like A Runaway” is released on the 19th of June through Steamhammer/SPV

For more information on Lita Ford please check out her Official Website HERE or her Official  Facebook Page HERE

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