TAILGUNNER new album Guns For Hire

Since launching in January of 2022, TAILGUNNER has taken the world of underground Heavy Metal by the scruff of the neck and grasp with an iron first. A blitzkrieg singles, the debut MCD “Crashdive” and two UK headline tours with multiple sold-out dates all within their first six months of existence, proves the demand for true Heavy Metal is alive and well!

“The greatest revelation British Metal has had in a decade and a half”, states METAL RULES and praises their unique cocktail of power, speed, aggression and huge choruses. If you wanna know what to expect, simply imagine pure fucking Armageddon! “We describe ourselves as ‘Laser Guided Riffs N’ Hooks that Kill!’ We’re fast, loud, catchy as hell and we’ll take your face off”, says the band and adds: “We are staking their claim to the future of the genre and have all eyes to the skies, ready to launch like a warhead. No holds barred, in your face Heavy Metal with no apologies!”

The history goes back a few more years, when bassist and leading force Thomas Hewson left his last band in the summer of 2018, with the aim of “putting together the band I’ve had in my head since I was a kid: The ultimate Heavy Metal band, with no compromises“. It took him almost two more years to find the best musicians to fulfil his expectation. Flyers were put in guitar shops and metal bars, social media posts were carried out. “Then I found Craig as the singer of MIDNIGHT PROPHECY and the first time I heard his voice was a cover of ‘22 Acacia Avenue’. As soon as the song kicked in, I knew he had to sing for TAILGUNNER! I travelled across England to go see them – that’s when he realized I was serious“, remembers Hewson.

“Craig is the greatest new vocalist in Heavy Metal“, certifies the band leader about his vocalist, who recently also joined forces in INDUCTION, the German-based Power Metal band, led by Tim Hansen, son of HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY guitar legend Kai Hansen. “A year later, ahead of a UK tour MIDNIGHT PROPHECY had booked, Craig asked me and Zach to fill in. This was when I met – and crucially played with – Sam. We knew as a rhythm section very fast that we had a shared ‘sixth sense.’ I was unwilling to share two members with another band, but the day MIDNIGHT PROPHECY broke up, I spent four hours on the phone with Sam, and by the end he was our drummer!“

At that moment, TAILGUNNER was born.

“I would call TAILGUNNER a Heavy Metal band. There is quite a bit of speed metal, and old school power Metal in there too“, says Hewson and names his mains inspirations with HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND and JUDAS PRIEST. You can feel their love for the 80s in every moment. “There was never a conscious decision to play ‘old school’ to us, that’s the way it’s supposed to sound“, adds the bass player and main songwriter, who always had a burning ambition and total undying love for Heavy Metal. “From the moment I heard AC/DC as a child, I’ve never looked back. Seeing IRON MAIDEN live at 12 years old was all the confirmation I needed that this was to be my life’s path. I want people to feel empowered when they hear our music, that’s what great Heavy Metal does for me. Music should make you feel like you can take on the world!“

Recording the debut album “Guns For Hire”, TAILGUNNER moved all the equipment into an old Victorian chapel from the 1800s, in the dead of winter in early 2021, surrounded by a graveyard. “We recorded mostly in the middle of the night, upon the altar, using only candles for lighting.“ The ten tracks were mixed and mastered by Olof Wikstrand of ENFORCER, another perfect match for TAILGUNNER. “I first met Olof at an ENFORCER show back in 2019“, remembers Hewson and adds: “I knew he worked as an engineer, both on ENFORCER, and other records. I chatted to him about working on something, even though I didn’t yet have a band! It was really important to me to work with Olof on the debut album. He’s a bit like the godfather of this scene that has emerged over the last 10-15 years and is extremely knowledgeable in Heavy Metal. Also, the sound of ENFORCER records, particularly “From Beyond” and “Live By Fire – 2” is metal mastery!“

To sum it up, TAILGUNNER stand for pure Heavy Metal made for eternity!

01. Shadows Of War  

02. Guns For Hire  

03. White Death

04. Revolution Scream  

05. Futures Lost  

06. New Horizons  

07. Warhead  

08. Crashdive  

09. Blood For Blood  

10. Rebirth

Photo Credit: Keir Siewert

Photo Credit: Keir Siewert

Craig Cairns – Vocals

Patrick van der Völlering – Guitar

Zach Salvini – Guitar

Thomas Hewson – Bass

Sam Caldwell – Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tailgunnerhq

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tailgunnerhq/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TAILGUNNERHQ

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